Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Chapter

Hi guys. I've delayed writing this post until now as i wanted things to get to a certain stage before sharing it with you guys. Some things have been going on in the background since May that led to a slight change all round that's a bit difficult to pin point. But while it was all taking place, i knew that it was time for me to take a risk and try a different path than the one i'd planned for myself. I feel like i've changed in some way. I've always used by blog as a form of therapy for myself; i like to call it free therapy. And at some point in time, i always feel the need to change my therapist to suit the state i'm in.

I promised myself that if i passed my exams and became eligible for graduation, i'd start a new blog without deleting this one as i want it to serve as a reference point for me in the future. I'm glad to say that my graduation eligibility was confirmed today so i will be graduating on the 20th; i am excited and nervous at the same time because i know that i am entering another phase in my life and i'm not sure what to expect. But i know that i have to give it my full attention and commitment and see where that leads me.

Having said all that, i won't be blogging on this site anymore. But, i will be journal-ling on my new blog so feel free to follow if you're interested. I've had an amazing 3 years and i can't wait to see what the future holds. I hope you all have an amazing week. My new blog is:

I have an unexplained love affair with cashmere so i could not afford to let that out of my blog name :)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Not A Fan of Long Holidays

This is usually the case when i have nothing to do. I thought i had planned out this 4 week break from uni to a T. But i haven't had a shift since the holiday started and i feel like my brain matter is slowly melting. I'm already tired of walking around town like a lost puppy, a few locals are slowly beginning to recognize my face when they see me on the road and i don't consider that as a good thing because it just means to me that i'm beyond bored!

I've been trying to go for a walk about on most days for an hour while i also hunt for another job just in case. But right now, i'm sick of doing either of those things. I just want something to do that's going to set me off on a great high that i can ride until the end of July when uni starts again. The fact that i'm looking forward to getting back to uni work makes people give me the side eye, but i don't care at the moment.

I really need to come up with things i can do away from my laptop that excites my brain. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.