Monday, September 20, 2010

I Think I Need Help

On a serious note, i think i need some sort of help. Or maybe i’m just being a drama queen. So for the last few weeks, i’ve been having really weird cravings by my own standards. Most people who know me know that i’m not one for eating raw things. But recently, i can’t help but eat sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt; most especially those cherry tomatoes. They just look so yum! Combined with feta cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the explosion in my mouth is just orgasmic! But i’m not meant to be eating cheese in the first place because i’m lactose intolerant but since i’ve been indoors all weekend, i don’t feel too bad as i don’t have any reactions on my face which is great. But i’m not buying anymore feta cheese because i don’t want my body to get upset with me. Another craving i’ve had is green olives marinated in thai spices. I’ve been getting these from the deli section and they taste so yummy; i actually went out today just to buy these and i’ve already eaten half the can! This is sooo not good as green olives can be quite salty. My third craving so far is sucking on lime wedges. Yes, you read that right! I’ve just been buying lime, cutting them up in 4 wedges and sprinkling a bit of raw sugar and salt on the sides before sucking every single juice out of it

On this road of cravings, its good to know i’m not alone. My flatmate said she’s been craving McDonalds quarter pounders and their fries and she sure went there a few times last week. Worst of all, she was eating Maccas meal in the middle of the night yesterday so i guess i’m not too bad. And just for the record, i am not pregnant. Unless it is possible for me to be pregnant with chai tea J

Anyone having cravings? Feel free to share J

Saturday, September 18, 2010


My skin and belts don't get along well. So about 99% of the time, i tend to wear my belt exactly how Victoria's worn hers in the picture above. The minute the buckle comes anywhere close to my navel, i start to get some weird skin reactions that still remains unexplained. I'm loving her black belt and i'll be on the hunt for something similar as i only one jean belt at the moment and its brown. A little more variety in that department wouldn't hurt :)

Side note: Can you guys let me know if this font is too small or if its readable? Thanks :)

My Perfect ASOS Find

Over the last few weeks, uni has been showing me exactly who is boss in this relationship of ours. Its just the end of week 8 for uni and this period usually oozes of essays and reports for me. My next essay is due Wednesday at 5pm and its a relatively short piece, 1000 words, so i've started working on it as i need to pick the perfect article. I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to 2 articles for now. I think i've looked at way too many articles today so i'm going to leave it till tomorrow to select which one i'd like to use. The beauty of writing essays is that i've been able to time myself on the average amount of words i can write in an hour. If i've done a thorough research and essay plan before starting, i can write about 400-500 words in an hour. But on the days i'm flying blind (not sure of the structure i want to use, no plan on what ideas will be discussed in which paragraphs), i'm lucky if i can write 300 words within the hour. Hopefully for this essay, that won't be the case. My plan is to spend the entirety of Saturday looking at the different theories i can use for my essay and narrow it down to a choice of 3 and then select an article to use. On Sunday, by the grace of God i'm hoping to wake up in time for church. And when i get back i'll select a theory to use and then do all my tutorial questions for the upcoming week 9. Monday is going to be strictly dedicated to writing my essay and sleeping! Yes, i haven't had a decent sleep in quite a while so i definitely need to try and work on that. I've been sleeping odd hours due to the amount of work i've had to do and the times my brain is functioning.

But before we even get into any of those, here are my perfect ASOS finds. I'm adding them to the top of my wish list and hopefully i'll buy one or two of them during the Christmas period.

Ok, so at the moment its Spring in Australia so i evidently shouldn't be shopping for a winter jacket. What i've realised is that its really hard for me to find a winter jacket that i actually like. So what i do now is to note down where i found something really appealing and then wait till about the end of February to narrow down my choices. And since i've started acclimatising to the Australian weather, i might just need a proper winter jacket for the next winter season. March is the beginning of Autumn here and to me, that's the perfect time to start shopping for a jacket. With that being the beginning of Spring in England, some of the winter jackets would be on sale so hopefully, i'll only pay a knockdown price if i opt for this one from ASOS as it retails for £150

My closet is seriously lacking in the dressy dress department. As a matter of fact, i only have one that i really like and can dress up for both day and night. This one is perfect as it is very girly and flirty. It does look a bit short on the model but since i'm just borderline 5'6", i think it'll be a good length on me. At £65, it does seem a bit pricey so i hope that the quality is top-notch

Well folks, that's all from me for now. I hope you guys have a good day or a good night depending on where you are when you read this. It's 1.22am on Saturday here in Australia so i'm off to hit the sack :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Shorts

I really wish i could pull this look off during summer. But i feel like i might die of embarrassment in the process. Or end up marinating in shame. Gotta start working on those squats before summer gets here because i bought two mini skirts that i'd love to wear :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Obsession With...

...Christmas trees! You see, i've never had a Christmas tree in my ever! Back home when i was growing up, Christmas was always fun but we never really got a tree. Ok, so most people i know didn't get trees; except they were expatriates or have spent several years living abroad. Still, i always wanted a tree. And since we didn't have one, i always decorated our living room like it was a giant Christmas tree. I was strictly in charge of the decorations because no one else cared about them. So my mum would always take me to the markets and let me pick all the decorations i wanted for the house and she'd let me put it up wherever i wanted. My dad never complained because he knew that it was much better than me whining to get a Christmas tree. Christmas is usually all about food; who gets to eat the biggest chicken thigh, who gets goat meat, are we making pounded yam with egusi soup and blah blah blah.

Whilst all these conversations went on, i was the one dragging the dining table chair around the house so i could climb on it and hang stuff on the wall or ceiling. Our house was always so colourful and my dad's friends always commented on it because i used to put up every single decoration i could possibly find in the house. And i'd usually have them up from the 1st day of December if my dad lets me get away with it and leave them on for as long as possible.

Even though its been years since i celebrated Christmas properly, i still want a Christmas tree. And guess what? David Jones have started bringing out some cute Christmas decorations and it has me all gooey inside! Now i'm contemplating the idea of moving into my own place so i can decorate it for Christmas and finally get myself a Christmas tree. But you know what? If i get a tree, its going to stay in the living room all year (if i don't get a flatmate)!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wrong Side

Hello to all you bloggers out there! How's your day going so far? I hope much better than mine. I must admit right off the bat that it seems i might have woken up on the wrong side of my bed today. I'm in a bit of a sour mood; although i woke up at sunrise (thanks to my bed now facing the sliding doors) i haven't really been in a good mood all day. Due to this, i missed my tute and i'm staying home to study for a test i have tomorrow at 10.30am and read 'inspiring posts by others' on the right-hand side of my blog for those who are just as interested as i am.

And how did your weekend go? Relaxing? Mine was blissful if i may say. It rained for the majority of Saturday so i spent it indoors living it up like a Queen. I made myself a nice salmon avocado sandwich, made myself T2 chai tea in a glass pot i bought from Woolworths for $15 and watched all the episodes of Grand Designs that i have. I cannot wait for them to start a new series as that was one of my favourite shows whilst in England

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Disadvantage Of...

...paying £3 less for delivery from England to Australia is that it might take twice as long for your items to arrive. You see, Topshop and ASOS charge the bog standard £10.50 for delivery to Australia which although pricey, it means that your items would definitely arrive within 5-7 days after its been posted. But Miss Selfridge offered a cheaper alternative at £7.50 and my friend couldn't resist. Since she was placing an order, i decided i might as well order some lingerie from them because my most girlie and transparent undees are actually from Miss Selfridge and anything see-through always rocks my boat. On the 18th of August, we were informed that our items were on their way to make a happy union with us. That seemed like many moons ago because we are yet to receive our parcel. Worst of all, Miss Selfridge told us to wait at least 2 weeks before worrying and that in the past it has taken some items up to 4 months to arrive at its destination. 4 months?!?! For a location on planet earth in this 21st century? Its not like we reside on Mars or Venus where i would understand that it should take a considerable amount of time before it arrives

On another note, it was an extremely windy morning today, the sliding doors kept banging against their fittings and all i could think of was why these buggers didn't install a toughened glass or at least a triple-glazed unit. Yes, i do know an awful lot about windows and how they can be made more weather friendly especially in situations where they'd be used in countries that have extreme weather conditions. It is Spring here and that means rain and wind! From my observation of the sliding doors, they are definitely double-glazed and they look just like any bog standard glass sheet. That means they haven't been toughened. Usually toughened glass is made with an extreme amount of heat and the idea is that it makes the glass a bit more flexible yet resistant; technically it becomes almost shatter-proof. Not completely but almost. So this is definitely the kind of glass you want to use if you have kids running around in skateboards and banging into things because it means that the pressure from that won't have any effect on the glass. Talk about health and safety for your kids...ha!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Quick Break From My Essay

This afternoon, i had coffee with one of my girlfriends El at the Gloria Jeans cafe. It was a well deserved or undeserved break from writing my essay and a good catch-up as we haven’t seen each other in a while. But before i left, i had the opportunity to ham it up a bit for my camera whilst waiting for the elevator. I ordered a soy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top and a sausage roll. I believe she had a skim mocha and a cookie/ ginger man looking stuff...yup, i’m not 100% sure.

I can’t believe i went there and didn’t order a cup of coffee. Its been months since i had that baby and i guess i’ve kicked my coffee habit without too much effort. In the picture, i’m wearing COVERGIRL exact eyelights brightening liner in 700 vibrant pearl and i have a dab of MAC studio fix fluid in NW47 underneath my eyes to stop my liner from streaking. I’ve also got the MAC suntints liquid lipbalm on in pink tinge

Spring Confessions Part Deux


Stalker much? Yup, that’s me! There are certain blogs/ sites i stalk without fail. I can’t even count the amount of times i check these sites daily. It’s the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning (after praying and before brushing my teeth) and the last thing i do before i go to bed. And if i have any spare time during the day, you can be sure that i’m devouring all the goodness that there is to be found on these sites. You see, i’m extremely indecisive, picky, easily obsessed yet very shy. Some people are under the assumption that i’m not shy...ha! You best believe i am, its just that i can get crazy when i become more familiar...get it? Although i’m studying for a bachelors in international business (already have a degree in economics with accounting), my passion is actually more aligned with residential architecture and interior design. Thrown into this mix is a bit of interests in languages, DIY and personal development! I’m sure you’re sitting there going “she’s definitely studying the wrong course”

Well, i would say 70% yes and 30% no! The aspect of my course that most interests me are the ones that have to do with business innovation and human resources. I suck when it comes to having strategic conversations with people because i’m a bit of a randomer; so my course gives me a chance to learn about how to communicate when dealing with cross cultures and different managerial expectations because it is my dream that one day i’ll own my own establishment. Something that would combine my passion for residential architecture, interior design and sustainability. I think i know way too much about eco-concrete, black Italian marble and cedar wood than i do about my course. Matter of fact, i’m even slowly learning more about how the foundations of buildings are constructed and how it could be made greener, biomechanical gray water systems and reed beds. Are you lost yet? Hmm, don’t be because i’m not done yet.

You see, growing up i read architecture magazines and catalogues instead of playing with barbie and watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ like the others that grew up around me. If you’d asked me about the functionality of petrol, engine oil and a land cruiser between the ages of 7 and say 9, i might have had a pretty good answer to give you. I practised my English by reading all my dad’s car magazines and driving him crazy by asking random questions when he tried to customise his car engines. So he automatically assumed that i should be an engineer; but what he didn’t understand was that i was more interested in the aesthetic design of a car and its engine than i was of how the engine worked.

Oops! I’ve just realised that i’ve completely gone off trail with the aim of this post and forgot to mention the sites i was talking about. Such is the manner of activities that rattle in my head. Drum roll please...

The Decorista

The Simply Luxurious Life

Moptop Maven

I love these blogs because they all have a hint of my passion and that is enough for me to get obsessed over them. All i need right now, is for Kevin McCloud from the show Grand Designs to buy me coffee, a chicken avocado sandwich and offer me the chance to pick at his brain for an entire week. He might be old enough to be my father, but i wouldn’t mind spending a night in his bed! Yes, all it takes to woo me is to be a fluent speaker of French, Italian or both with a passion for architecture. Throw in a bit of British eccentrism and we are good to go! If you didn’t read the first part of my spring confessions, feel free to catch up here

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring Confessions

Today is the 1st of September and it officially marks the start of spring here in Australia, all i can think about are magpies nesting their babies and rain. I must confess, spring is probably my least favourite season in Australia. I love what it signifies – you know, a new beginning and all – but i am absolutely scared of birds. And magpies are in their prime attack mode once its spring because its when their babies start hatching and they are always more than willing to attack any living thing that looks like a potential threat, this includes swooping on you and scratching the top of your head. I can attest to the fact that some magpies are gangsters, most especially the ones in rural Queensland (sorry Queenslanders, just had to say that). But it seems like the ones here in Gong are a bit more civilised and they seem to give some sort of signal when they are less impressed by your presence such as hovering around your feet and trying to intimidate you off the path before they divert their attention to your head

Anywhoo, before i continue with more confessions, i just wanted to say a big thank you to all the good luck wishes i got for my essay. After only 2 hours of sleep, i handed in my essay at 10.30am on Tuesday, followed it up with a 600ml bottle of coca cola which sent me into a hyperactive mood before the sugar slump kicked in. And when it finally did, i took it as a sign that i needed to sleep so i hit the sack for a power nap in the arvo before spending the rest of my evening collecting potential academic journals for my final essay which is due on Friday arvo at 12.30pm. Ok, so lets head back to my confessions for this month

I know this might sound silly, but i’m always envious of people who are in tune with their body. I honestly cannot figure out another phrase in which to explain this, but i’m hoping those of you reading this might understand where i’m coming from. It is somewhere that i would like to be someday, but at the moment i have no idea on how i’m going to get there. One thing i do know for sure is that i really need to start by sorting out my sleeping pattern. Because i think being alert, energised and in routine would help point me in the right direction. I really can’t blame being a student for my erratic sleeping cycle because i’m not a party animal, as a matter of fact i detest being in clubs. I generally would only go if it had some sort of meaning to me at that particular point in time. I think i am way too chilled out a person for the regular club scene. I’m also not really a drinker; wine is my choice of alcohol and i usually take it with meals or just for pleasure. But even at that, i can’t remember the last time i had a glass of wine. So you see, my current sleeping pattern is really my fault. There’s no one to blame other than myself and that is why i’m going to try and sort it out this month. I know i’ve said in the past that i was going to work on it, but now i really think i will. Well, i really hope and wish i do. How is your Wednesday going so far?