Saturday, July 31, 2010

Temporarily Lost Interest

A few months back, i used to be a real sucker for magazines. I usually couldn't wait for the next edition of my favourite magazines to come out. The excitement of waiting was usually enough to drive me mad so i used to get a copy of my favourite magazines spaced out between each other. That way i have enough to keep me sane until its time for the next issue to come out. I always bought Shop Til You Drop, InStyle Australia, Better Homes & Gardens and on odd occasions Elle UK. But it's been months since i even batted an eyelash towards a new edition of my favourite magazines, i've simply lost interest. The buzz i used to get from picking up a new copy and getting creative ideas, looking at glossy pictures of air-brushed human beings that look almost perfect enough to be aliens on earth has simply died. Maybe its the recession, maybe its the fact that the things in the magazines never magically make their way to my closet, maybe its the fact that they are always on my wishlist and never seem to get cancelled. Or they've simply lost their ability to interest and excite me; nothing in my life has replaced that buzz i used to get from magazines. There's no saying that the feeling won't return, neither is there saying that it will. All i know is that my bank account is happier for the little extra change that gets to stay in my savings account. After all, i'm not getting paid to read the magazines and they're not directly related to my final grades. I saw the new editions of Shop Til You Drop and UK Glamour today and i couldn't even be bothered with flipping through the pages to see if there's anything worth looking at...
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LBD Love

I'd love to own something that looks like this. I just wish ASOS could make a humble replica of it and i'd be more than happy to buy it :) But if you know of any look-a-likes that are wallet friendly please do share
Update: ASOS has a belt that looks just like that in black and tan shades
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Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Semester

So, today marks the beginning of a new semester for me and to start off on a good note, i woke up at 6.30am. For some of you, that might be regular but for me it isn't because i'm more of a night crawler. So i tend to actually go to bed just before the sun rises and wake up when i need to. Last semester, i actually used to wake up just 2 hours before my first class and that gave me enough time to scurry all my things together and head to uni in good time. But i promised myself that this semester i'll be a bit better. My plan is to try and wake up at about the same time everyday sans Sunday which is usually a good sleep in day for me. I'm also hoping that i'll be able to do all my workouts in the morning instead of just trying to fit it in sometime during the day. That way, i can just get it done with and enjoy the rest of my day instead of nagging myself about the fact that i haven't done a workout. I've got four new subjects this semester and i really have no idea of what to expect from my subjects. But i've got the first 2 today so do wish me luck, and if i'm not impressed with them you'll know all about it. A shout out to all the students out there resuming today as well. Buongiorno
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fried Bananas

These are actually called fried plantains back home in Nigeria. But since i moved to Australia, i've stuck with calling it fried bananas because the Vietnamese and Thais make something similar. I've actually had the Vietnamese version where it is mixed with thinly sliced sweet potatoes and batter. The whole mixture is then fried in an aesthetic manner; the sweet potatoes make the base and a piece of thinly sliced banana is added to the stack of sweet potatoes. The batter mixture holds everything together. The Thai version i've seen is actually roasted/ grilled which we also do in Nigeria, but we call ours bole (pronounced bohlair). The picture above is the finished product; you can have these on its own, with some stew over it, fried eggs, boiled rice and your accompanying sauce, beans and whatever else your imagination can come up with. I had mine with tomato stew and fried eggs. Next time i make the stew, i'll remember to take pictures and give you guys my recipe. So lets get cracking =)
This recipe calls for finger bananas (as pictured above), some salt to season and some oil to fry it in. I used grapeseed oil to make mine.
Peel the bananas and slice them thinly in whatever angle you like. I usually like mine diagonal but one of my uncles prefers to eat his in a perfect straight circle. When i don't have as much bananas as i need, but want to create the illusion of having a lot, i tend to cube them just like feta cheese.
Put your oil on the stove and when hot, gently tip the sliced bananas into the hot oil and allow to cook. Turn them over to ensure that both sides are cooked evenly and prevent having burnt bananas. I usually like mine to have a golden colour to it when i'm done. Some others prefer theirs to be really brown but that doesn't work for me because it actually affects the taste. A word of caution: don't turn them too quickly if not it'll absorb the oil and you'll end up with soggy food. Just think of it as making the perfect fried egg; if you turn it too quickly the egg wouldn't set properly for you to flip it over. The same principles apply here; unless you prefer yours soggy in which case, ignore this titbit. It might take a bit of trial and error to perfect it but once you do, you'll love it. You can make as much as you want and actually store it in the fridge. Growing up, i had a habit of saving mine so i could snack on it later because the taste alters slightly when its cold.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Breakfast Ideas

For the last few days i've been skipping breakfast by sleeping in because i've run out of healthy breakfast ideas for myself. Previously, i used to have oats/ porridge for breakfast but i've noticed recently that i do get some sort of acidic feeling in my tummy whenever i have it. The only way to describe it is that it reminds me of the same feeling i get the day after i've experienced heartburn; and i can tell you that it is not a good feeling, i always end up worrying that i might get sick. My other healthy breakfast idea i know of is making custard using the custard powders they sell at the local grocery. But the problem with that is, it never keeps me full. An hour or less after eating it, i tend to start feeling hungry all over again. As for bread as some sort of breakfast, i have to admit that i've had some sort of unexplained addiction to bread since i was a kid. If it's not in the house, it doesn't bother me at all as i never crave it. But if it's there, you can bet that i'll find a way to have it for breakfast and another meal during the day. The minute i get a bite in my mouth, i'm never really satisfied with it so i'm always wanting more. The only good thing about it is that when i have it with eggs for breakfast, i'm pretty full for the next 3 hours. What are other healthy breakfast options i can indulge in that'll keep me full and are tasty? Please do not recommend smoothies because i'm not patient enough to make mine at the moment, neither am i willing to pay for one every single day. On another note, i'm lactose intolerant so something that doesn't already have a high milk content is preferable [but if i can substitute the milk for something else, then that's fine]. Thanks in advance :)
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Back & Forth

So, i've been going back and forth in my head about getting boots like these. I don't see them as something that i'd normally wear but whenever i see girls wearing them, i get really jealous and automatically start trying to convince myself to give it a try. So, i know i don't really have much of a style so that in itself should be more reason why i should get something similar right? Well, no! I still haven't summed up the courage to buy myself a pair. And the ones i've seen tend to be really hard and only have the strings in the front; but i like the fact that hers has some sort of buckle detail as well. Seeing this picture makes me a bit more convinced that i can wear it with a dress or jeans paired with a blazer; but i'm still on the fence about skirts. Any ideas? Pictures?
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bow Dress

Now this is more like it! It's not everyday Victoria Beckham wears a dress that i can see myself in, but this picture makes an absolute exception to that. It might seem like just a simple dress to some, but for me it is a miracle dress. You know why? Well, it's not too much of a flashy dress, it is girlie and can easily accommodate my amoebic tummy. I couldn't ask for more in a dress. And the fact that it would look just as gorgeous in heels as it will in flats is a bonus for me! I'm off to go find somewhere i can purchase something in a similar fashion on a student budget. Happy Wednesday y'all
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for a very long time now and i absolutely love it because it is cheap and i can use it for lots and lots of things. I usually buy the Cornwell's brand which sets me about $3 back at my local Woolworths. I usually use it for my hair, face and underarms because it helps with fading out scars on my face and warding off ingrown hairs as well; i will definitely use it if i get another bikini wax to ward off those nasty ingrowns. On my hair, it sort of acts as a clarifying rinse to get rid of all the build up from using products and also helps to seal the cuticle, i usually use 50ml of ACV to every 1 litre of water and use it as a final rinse after i've washed and conditioned my hair. You can also use it for marinating chicken, beef and fish; and as a mix in your salad dressing. Personally, i've only added a few teaspoons to my homemade chicken marinade mix. But last night, i came across a random article online about using it to cleanse your insides of toxins and that it also aids in weight management. This to me makes sense because i remember back in 2007 when i was complaining to my dietitian about having difficulty losing weight, she sent me to this health food store in Loughborough that sold ACV tablets but i can't remember why i didn't buy it. But from this article i read last night and a few others, the actual ACV that has all the health benefits is actually not clear, it has more of a cloudy look to it so i'm going to assume that you'll probably have a better chance at finding this in a health food store than your regular Tesco, Sainsbury or Woolworths. Or maybe it might be in the same aisle you find maple syrup; i have no idea but i'm going to try finding an organic one and get back to you guys; and if anyone has used it please feel free to comment :)
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting My Act Together

Anytime i decide i want to scrub up my act, my thoughts immediately go to Jennifer Garner. You see, in most of the paparazzo pictures i've seen of her just hanging out with her family and friends, she tends to look a bit scruffy without a lick of makeup on. But when she goes on the red carpet, she always makes an effort and scrubs up nicely. Needless to say, i have no red carpet in my life and i have no real special occasions to glam up for...not like i even go anywhere in the first place. But what i do have, is the opportunity to make an effort with how i look everyday because how you look and present yourself physically influences the first impressions you make. I know that i'm not going to be doing any serious makeovers with myself because i am broke and would probably be till the end of the year. But what i can do - and this requires little or no financial effort - is to consistently look 'on point'. By looking 'on point' [a phrase my friend and i, use to describe people that always look well manicured and presentable] i mean consistently making an effort with your appearance instead of always doing it once in a while.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Hey guys! I know its been many moons since i posted anything but uni took priority and i didn't want to post half hazardly just for the sake of it. But now that i'm on a bit of a break, i'm going to try and get into it again so please do bear with me. I plan on making some changes soon so please do keep an eye out for that :) How have you guys been anyway?