Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sore Feet and Gum

Since my last post, i've been constantly on the move looking for things for my new place and trying to find as much 2nd hand items as possible. If anyone tells you moving and furnishing a place from scratch isn't stressful, please send them over to me so i can conduct an interview. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty fun having to choose stuff for a place you're going to live in as opposed to just having to put up with what someone else has chosen. But it is also really stressful. Coupled with the fact that we started doing this pretty much straight after exams, i haven't had much time to rest. My feet are currently killing me and i could do with a really good massage right now. On Tuesday, Cookie was kind enough to come help us out while we moved some of our things to the new place and also while we bought items from Woolies and Reject Shop.

These days, i pretty much fall asleep once i hit the sheets. Tomorrow is going to be another early day for me because i have to dis-member my bed for the removalists to come take it to the new place and then put it all back again. I'm also moving finally tomorrow, which means lots of cleaning and packing tonight. Unfortunately for me, the internet at the new place won't be ready until the middle of next week or Friday by the latest and that sucks because it means that i won't be able to read any of my favourite blogs until then.

As for plans after moving, i honestly don't have any. Moving is expensive business and after everything, i plan on staying indoors as much as possible to minimise any possible expenses as all the places i applied for a job didn't offer me any. I think some time at home would give me a chance to dig in deeper and find a creative and cost-free way to keep myself entertained. What have you all been up to?

Friday, November 19, 2010

The V Pose

This picture of Anna Paquin and her gorgeous hubby Stephen Moyer absolutely cracks me up because they're mirroring each other's pose on the red carpet. I'm sooo loving the little grey beard he's rocking with that broody look of his.

Today has been a pretty long day for me and i can tell you that my feet are sore from all the walking we did today scouring everywhere for as much bargains as possible. I must say we saved ourselves some major $$ with the second hand items we found today. I can't wait to see how it's all going to come together when the items are delivered next week. We got a dark chocolate couch and bookshelf for the living room; a red rug, red poppy painting and a red floor lamp to contrast with the dark chocolate. The floor is actually wooden and also in a dark shade of brown so there's a bit of a moody look going on there.

When we woke up this morning, we didn't have much of an idea of what colour of couch we planned on getting. But we knew our cut off price and we knew that getting a couch for that price would mean one just big enough to sit 3 people. So you can imagine our excitement when we found a 2nd hand couch almost 1/3 less the price of our original budget and almost twice the size of what we expected. The fact that we found a couch so cheap automatically dictated the colour scheme of the living room as there was no way on earth we were leaving without placing a holding deposit on the couch.

How was your Friday? I need to go have a relaxing shower, massage my feet and watch a movie so i can slowly drift off to sleep. Have a good one guys :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sigh Of Relief

Phew! Exams are finally over and i must say it is such a relief! I'm so glad that i survived this semester which has been the hardest so far since i've been in Australia. I was so tired after my exams yesterday and when i got home, all i wanted to do was sleep. But i knew that had to take a back seat because the next important thing was to find a place to live as soon as humanly possible. We had 4 different viewing yesterday, of which i attended 2. There was one we were really hoping to get and so we just applied on the spot. We had 2 more viewing today which were very disappointing. In the midst of us grumbling about our disappointment at how the place looked, we got a call saying we've been offered one of the places we viewed yesterday. I cannot begin to tell you how excited i was and still am. This means no more annoying viewings, scanning and photocopying documents, hoping that you can beat someone else to the place. Now it is all about finding as many cheap stuff as possible and this includes a trip to two second hand shops tomorrow to see what they have to offer.

I'm secretly wishing that the other place we really liked calls us tomorrow morning to say we got the place. That would mean that we actually have a choice of two places, but if that doesn't happen, it's ok as the one we've been offered is pretty good.

On another note, we scored a pretty good deal on a christmas tree today. Anyone who knows me in person would tell you that i've been drumming about owning a christmas tree for too long now. Even the boy has gotten sick of hearing it and just told me to get a tree already! Well, today we saw a pretty white christmas tree at Myer but it was really expensive. That was before we found out that there was a much smaller size of the same tree at a more reasonable price. But it doesn't end there, there was a 30% offer off all christmas items if you purchase 3 or more items from the christmas section. Of course, we got ourselves a tree and 2 small bells that are meant to decorate the tree. We plan on sticking these on our door; so anytime someone opens our room door, there would be a little announcement in the form of bells! How childish right? Well, i don't care, i was just really excited. Anyway, the entire haul cost us $69!!!!!

I'll definitely keep you guys updated on all the occurences as we go through moving into the new place. Happy Thursday people :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Really Quick Update

Hi Guys

Just want to let you know i'm still alive. Just currently doing my exams and my last one is on Wednesday. After that, it'll be straight onto house hunting and hopefully i'll be able to resume posting on a frequent basis from next week. Thanks so much for your understanding

xoxo Hermine :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Very Summery

It's very rare for me to feature Jennifer Garner as an outfit inspiration cause she tends to wear trainers a lot and that's something that i don't like doing. But when i saw this picture of her, i immediately thought 'calm and collected summer'. Anyone who knows me would tell you i run away from shorts and mini skirts because i feel shy and awkward about showing my legs during the day, and i hate shaving my legs. But i think these loose casual pants make a good substitute for jeans during the hot summer days of Australia don't you think? I could easily pair this with a tank top or a short sleeve tee; finish off with a nice pedicure and thongs {flip flops}. Now can someone tell me where i can find something similar? A darker shade would be much appreciated.

On another note, my first exam is tomorrow morning at 9am, do wish me luck bloggers :)