Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On My Radar: CUE

I happen to be one of those people who absolutely adore winter. I love it because it's the best season to experiment with your style, try different ensembles on. You can easily be adventurous because it is the season to cover up amidst the freezing weather outside. So when it comes to creating a winter wardrobe, three things are essential for me and they also happen to be things i'm very picky about: a winter coat/jacket, gloves and a neck scarf.

I've pretty much been ranting for like forever on how difficult it is to find a beautifully made coat or jacket in Australia at a reasonable price. Well, i can now tell you that i don't need to order my winter coat from the UK or US because Myer has revealed a hidden gem to me. I introduce you to the fashion label CUE which is 100% made in Australia, not like Bonds that is shipping their production overseas. Instead, the materials are imported into the country such as silks and wools from Italy and crafted here on our soil.

Anyway, ethics aside, i saw a beautiful grey coat from CUE today at Myer and i tried it on...yes ladies i did and to my freaking suprise, i was a size 14!!!! For me this is like winning the jackpot because it actually means that i've dropped a dress size and have a potential to shrink another size or two. I couldn't be any more happier and for this, i'm rewarding myself with a very luxirous facial!!!!! It's a button down jacket made of 60% wool, 20% polyester and 20% something else, sorry but i can't remember what it was. This coat is classic and would be adorning your wardrobe for years and would also set you back about $295. I think that's a healthy investment to make in a coat considering the fact that it'll be worn on the majority of days during the winter months. This coat - which i just placed on lay-by - can take you from morning to evening. It can be casually worn with jeans and sneakers or with a beautiful dress and heels to go. So if you ever happen to be in Myer, i suggest you take a look at CUE. The prices can be a bit scary so i would invest in classic pieces instead of something on-trend.

Just in case you love the tweed look of Chanel, there are some pieces that are made from tweed and very chic. But if that isn't enough to convince you, CUE only makes a limited number of pieces for each size [6-14] and they never restock the items afterwards so it gives you a chance to be one of the select few wearing them. This is even more exagerrated if you live in a small town because my local Myer only carries about 10 pieces of each design CUE makes and they NEVER restock; so that's 2 pieces per size!!!

Happy shopping.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mischa Oh Mischa

I must admit that i've never really been a fan of Mischa Barton or her outfits. So this is a rare occasion for me to actually like EVERYTHING she's got going from the scarves and rings to her boots.
Her boots are really cute and i'm tempted to actually find something that looks like it eventhough i can't walk in stilettos. I also love the acid wash denim she's got on. If this was Rihanna, i can bet you my entire wardrobe that she's have paired it with red lips and over ripped jeans just to prove to us that she's tough and stylish. Riri's style is beginning to gross me out so let's not even go there...
I love the fact that she's got 2 scarves on and they both complement her jacket. I REALLY love that blazer she's got on and it'll be perfect for the winter weather here in NSW as i like to believe that it doesn't get as cold as the UK. Maybe i can find myself something that looks like it. This is the first time ever that i'm actually interested in copying Mischa's entire outfit sans the bag.
Doesn't she just look chic?
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Serious Envy

I have to admit that i'm suffering from a case of serious envy. I just love Vanessa Hudgens. I couldn't care less about what she does in her personal life because she's not my friend but whenever she steps out, she always looks nothing short of FABULOUS and i'm sure Kimora Lee Simmons would agree with me on that one. She's also always dressed appropriately for her age. I'm loving those wedge heels she has on and i'd kill to get one in my size!!!
Now lets talk about that peach/orange clutch! as a matter of fact, i'm slightly unaware of what colour it is as my eyes have issues with registering certain colours but i love the fact that it's got a kind of metallic sheen to it. And it just works soooo well with her dress and skintone.
Frontal view....
Nothing about Vanessa is complete without that flawless makeup she always has on. I love how the colours just melt into her skin and gives a luminous can't see the beginning or the end as it has been blended in perfectly. From what i can see, it seems like she's only wearing makeup in certain areas as her forehead looks foundation-free. Adda girl!!! Now can you pleaseeeeeeeeee send me a pair of wedge heels??
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Friday, April 17, 2009

But Why?

The question 'how low can you go?' used to be something my trainer asked me in reference to doing squats, plies and lunges. But right now, it means a totally different thing to me. I'm here but i'm not here; physically i'm in the body but psychologically i'm experiencing a double jeopardy dilema. I'm going through an 'in and out' of the body and mind experience. People always say that at some point in their lives, they hit rock bottom! Some people refer to it as the crisis point in their lives where they realise that something has to change for them to get better. But then, exactly where is rock bottom?? Because in my mind's eye, there is no bottom....unlike the economy that bottoms out after a recession/depression to make room for growth and improvement....i don't see any bottom. All i see is a cloud of emotions and unanswered questions disrupting the view and 'pretending' to have a base whereas, there's nothing there. There's no safety net or solid's all an illusion, just like the mirage on the highway whilst driving and looking in the distance.

Some days i see it and some days i don't. Today i do, and so much so i see it very clearly. I see the thick cloud of emotions and unanswered questions hanging over my head. The questions of the universe, existence and emotions. But the biggest and most difficult questions are WHAT AM I FEELING & WHY AM I FEELING THIS WAY? When i look at myself....i know what i see. I see myself as a contradiction of all sorts and a coin. A coin has two sides, but you can only see one side fully at a time and in order to see the other side, you need to flip the coin and forefeit the present picture. This is exactly how i am, it isn't a complement or a is a predetermined decision made behind closed doors with emotions running through my viens just side-by-side with the oxygen transporter. When i step out the door, i put on my brave face and leave all my problems behind closed doors irrespective of how pressing they are and if i feel i can't achieve this on a particular day, i stay indoors in solitude with my emotions as a protective shell around me while i hibernate to reconstruct the face that needs to be worn on a daily basis for the public. But when i get back in the evening and wind down, i have to face the unanswered questions and find the words to express the feelings...

Words because i'm not skilled in the art of expressing my emotions. Asking me to tell you exactly how i feel is like asking me to knock down a house without the help of a bulldozer. Breaking point always lingers around the corner offering nasty kisses to my cheeks whilst teasing and caressing me to give in and accept that it is there. Does accepting breaking point mean hitting rock bottom? Does it signify just how low you can go?

Are emotions still emotions when they cannot be explained? Can a problem without a question be solved? Can a burden be shared without being located? Or feelings felt without any sensory nerves? Does it ever get better or is it just mind over matter? It feels like a stagnant river waiting for a mighty wave to stir it up and keep it moving in a direction that has yet to be decided.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miss Selfridge & Dorothy Perkins

One of the things i love about shopping online for clothes is the fact that you can get items at a cheaper price from anywhere across the globe and sometimes these clothes are usually unique to you because not everyone where you live is buying from that particular place. When i lived in the UK, two of my favourite shops were Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins. I love them because they've got classic designs with a twist but their clothes also fit my body shape perfectly. Their sizes are also generous which means that the clothes just hug and kiss every crevice on your body.

So imagine my excitement when i was browsing their website today and realised that they've started shipping to Australia!!!!!! I already have a long list of items i plan on buying from them once my shopping ban is over. Actually i might even have to order them just a week before my ban is over so that they get here in time as it usually takes about 7 working days for items ordered from the UK to arrive here. In Miss Selfridge, i usually go for jeans, tees, bags and their unique dresses while i favour Dorothy Perkins mainly for coats and skinny jeans.
Browse through both sites and tell me what you like in the comments box.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair Products

I don't know about you guys but i've noticed that the older i get, the more conscious i am of the products i use on my skin but also on my hair. My hair is chemically straightened and has been coloured and bleached several times so i always try to use salon grade products. I know most people would say that they're a waste of money OR basic shampoos like L'Oreal and the others are just as good but i beg to differ. First of all, these shampoos like L'Oreal and Garnier are entry level shampoos and are usually not as concentrated as the salon grade ones because they tend to have more fillers. Sure, it still does the basic job of cleaning your hair. But if you've got chemically straightened,fine, dry, limp or repeatedly coloured hair, you certainly know that you need more than a basic shampoo. Secondly, don't believe those adverts they have!!! It's all a marketing gimic and the worst ones are the ones with celebrity faces on them because 9 times out of 10, those celebs don't even put the darn thing on their own hair [YES, i'm talking to you Beyonce!!!]

But now, i'm not just worried about the quality of the shampoos and conditioners, i'm beginning to get more interested in their contents and the effect it is going to have on the planet after it's been washed down into the sewers. I've become aware of three big dangerous players in shampoos and conditioners: SULPHATES, PARABENS AND PETROCHEMICALS. Yup, they're all big names but these culprits can be found in most shanpoos. You can also find sulphates in the majority of toothpastes that are sold. Basically, sulphates help the shampoos, toothpastes, handwash etc foam a lot and in the long run they can be detrimental to your health.

Strictly speaking hairwise, these three ingredients can actually strip your hair of its moisture and slowly your hair degrades. Obviously this doesn't happen to everyone but those most at risk of hair damage from these chemicals are mainly people like me. I've got colour in my hair but my hair is also chemically straightened. So i've done some research and i've found a great line called David Babaii for Wild Aid. All the products are sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free and 10% of all their profits go to WildAid which is a wildlife conservation organisation. An average bottle of shampoo is about 400ml and retails for $25. Another line of hair care products is MOP. All its products are made from modern organic produce and they've got a range of products that are specifically for those who are looking for sulphate-free shampoos. It is called MOP C-System. Theirs is considerably more expensive as a shampoo retails for about $30 for 250ml bottle.

If you're interested in cutting out as much middlemen as possible during your shopping process, you should check out Wen by Chaz Dean. His products are also suphate and paraben free and they're sold through Guthy Renker. I think if you purchase stuff from them you get some sort of deal and you can always cancel if you're no longer interested. Plus, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. I'm not saying you should go and chuck out all your stuff that's got sulphates or parabens in them. But it would be a good idea for you to start reading the labels on the products your purchase, especially those that come in contact with your skin and those that can be ingested.

I have to say i've slowly been getting more interested in organic products and those that i assume use natural products. But sometimes, this means having to buy online from the UK or the US. No one said it was going to be easy and there's always some sort of trade-off involved....after all, I'M NO SAINT!!! If you're looking for a complete range of products that are certified organic, i suggest you check out NUI. All their products are free from synthetic chemicals, sulphates, ammonia and are NOT tested on animals.

Source: Photo, Adore Beauty, Wen, NUI

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On My Radar: Liz Earle

When i was living in the UK, i used to read rave reviews about Liz Earle's skincare range in the major magazines like Elle and Cosmo. I've just been on their website and there's a feature where you answer a couple of questions and products are suggested that would work well for your skin. If anyone has tried it please let me know if it does work well or not. You can purchase products here and you'd be happy to know that they ship to Australia.


Friday, April 10, 2009

My Denim Dream List

Does my bum look big in this? HAHAHAHAHA! I've always wanted to say that. Well, today seems to be turning out to be a day of lists and dreams and bla bla bla. Anyway, i thought it'd be a good idea to blog about my dream denim wardrobe!

Your Autumn & Winter Wardrobe

Before i talk about the cold weather wardrobe essentials, might i just say that the MID SEASON SALE in Australia has begun. If you've always wanted to buy something or happen to have a wishlist like i do, this is the time to head into the shops. I'm telling you people...i went into Myer yesterday and i had to leave quickly because the sale prices are ridic.....30% off some items from Basque...all bags from Basque were $75 yesterday at Myer wollongong....i wanted to punch myself in the face. Seriously!!!! I swear the recession is leading to great sale prices so better head down to your local shopping centre and shop WISELY!!!! No unneccessary purchases people! You need to tighten the belt ok??? If your belt doesn't have a buckle or any fastening holes then now is the time to invest in one.

I'm currently preparing for my autumn and winter wardrobe update and i usually make a list of items that i need to replenish my wardrobe for the cold season. Sure, Australia's winter is like Autumn or Spring in some countries but the cold season happens to be my favourite season off all. It is also an excuse for me to play dress up because you can afford to wear thicker clothes and more layers compared to summer where you might be contemplating peeling your skin off due to excruciating heat! During the week, i talked about recession shopping and i've just found a couple of fab deals to make you look scrumptious during the autumn and winter without creating a major dent in your wardrobe. My advice would be to spend this Easter break evaluating the items you have in your wardrobe and creating a list of new possible additions to complement what you already have. Don't go spending money on flimsy unneccessary purchases in these hard times.

For those of us who live in Australia, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must because the sun is ALWAYS shining here irrespective of the weather about a sunny winter!!! And to coincide with the new season, Ray Ban has released a new must have sunglasses's called 'THE CAT' and it is a re-invention of a vintage classic and you'll soon see everyone who knows anything sporting them. But these bad boys are gonna set you back a whopping $300!!! Yup, $300! I'm sure you could replenish your wardrobe for that amount. Luckily, i've found two options to put a smile on your face that woulldn't break the bank. I'll be writing my wish shopping list at the end of this post and i'll include the sunglasses.

I also blogged about getting long gloves for winter and i've found TWO of them is leather which is remarkably expensive - $130 - but they come in classic colours so could be considered an investment. But i also found a knit alternative for my long gloves which come in at $60 and these babies are so chic you could wear them from day to night without the need for the fashion police to put you behind bars. The best thing i love about fashion is that you could be someone else just by changing your ensemble. But remember three things: 1) Your accessories can make or break your look so accessorise wisely...purple and black are the colours of the season. 2) Shop smartly. This means spending more on classic pieces and colours and saving on the fads...think jodhur should spend the least amount possible on these as they're gonna die out of fashion soon. 3) If it takes you more than 5 minutes to decide if a look is hot on you or not, don't waist your time buying it as your instincts are always right.

So having said all that, let's get to the fun part....MY POTENTIAL SHOPPING LIST....
* Sunglasses: This pair from Oroton has the shape of the new 'CAT' sunnies from Ray Ban but costs less than half the price at $135 while these from Sportsgirl are even cheaper at $30. If your sunglasses don't come in a hardcase, it is worth investing in one as it means your sunnies are better protected when in your handbag.

* Gloves: These are pretty much a basic in any winter wardrobe and i usually like to have various options just to spice up my look once in a while. You can get a long knitted glove from Country Road in black, navy two toned and charcoal two toned for $60. You can also purchase a washed leather glove from Country Road for $130 in chestnut or black. For $30, you can get black leather gloves from Barkins.

I have to say that since i'm cutting down on my expenditure, the majority of my winter wish list is actually coming from Barkins and i have to say it's a pretty good deal. Here's what i have my eyes on...

Tuxedo Jacket , $80 OR Suit Jacket, $70

Lace detail tunic, $30

Longer lenth cardi, $40

Wide stripe cardi, $40

Cashmilon sweater dress , $30

Winter trilby, $25

Plaited knit scarf, $20

Zip legging, $20

If you're not interested in clothes shopping but are in desperate need of a pick-me-up, there's nothing better than a RED LIPSTICK to boost your mood and confidence. Just walk up to the Chanel/MAC/Shisiedo counter and tell them you're looking to purchase a red lipstick and they can make you over with various options and you don't even have to buy any when you're done. But if you really want to purchase one, might i suggest MAC's Ruby Woo or Russian Red??? These babies are on FIRE!!!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where Is Target In Ilawarra?

You might say i'm silly, sad or pathetic but i refuse to accept that the 'recession' is an excuse to stop shopping or making an effort to look like a human being that deserves to live on planet earth! After all, if we all stopped shopping then the entire world would actually sink into a DEPRESSION which is worse than a recession...

I sat on the bus today with a young girl that stank like she just swam through the gutters of the Ilawarra region. No she did not look homeless neither did she look hungry; she didn't smell like she had a medical body odour! She just stank like someone who didn't give a rat's arse about having a proper shower! I'm sure she could afford to buy herself a bar of soap and sponge instead of wearing excruciating layers of black eyeliner and smelling like she'd been smoking for the whole of NSW!!! Lack of a proper body wash combined with the stale smell of ciggies is worse than being the ugliest girl on the planet!!!

Anyways, with the recession and my shopping ban coming to an end in a couple of weeks, i'm refining my shopping methods and knowing where to save and when to splurge!! This season's trend of all things tartan and plaid or whatever you choose to call it isn't going to make me break the bank. I've decided i'll be test-driving this trend with cheaper options from Target! Plus i can also score a new pair of skinny jeans from them for $50 max; how delish is that?!?!?! You can also purchase a checked shirt from Target for $35! What a bargain.....hmm...whatever!!!

So it begs for the question: Where the hell is Target because it certainly isn't in Wollongong as i havent seen it yet!!! I doubt it's in Figtree either as the only thing i saw was if you happen to know where it is, please give me the address before i go bonkers! By the way, if you'd really like to blow the bank on a designer gear in tune with the season's love of tartan, i suggest you purchase the new D&G sunnies which has the tartan red pattern on it for $350 from Sunglasses Hut.

Another hot property for winter is a leather glove in purple. But not just any leather glove people...make sure it's a little bit longer than the average gloves you'd sport for winter! You can get a pair from Myer in store or even Oroton....that's if you happen to know any store other than Myer and David Jones that stocks Oroton. Oh, and if you do, be nice enough to let me know!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do i wish i'm that girl? Of course i bloody hell do!!! And i wish i had THAT body as well....
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Love, Kissing, Action & Drama!!!

So, the easter holidays are just around the corner...and the recession is just around the corner as well. No actually it ain't, its just a breath away from me. The recession is stopping me from enjoying some well earned pleasure by going shopping! I can't create some sort of love or excitement for myself because of the frigging recession!!! Just imagine how the whole world can cripple the pleasant effect i can get from walking into a shop and buying myself a Chanel nail polish and a very rich moisturiser. After which i'll head into a nice salon that can offer the services of a luxirous facial and full body massage!!!
So yes people, since i can't afford to buy love from a shop anymore, i need someone to offer it to me for free and this certainly comes in the form of a guy willing to give me a free back rub. No, lets add something extra to about a foot massage as well using a nice grape body oil from L'Occitane??! I can alreasy begin to feel the feelings of getting a body rub. Oh, i also need some slurpy loving and some nice pash action.....full on experimental excruciating pleasant enjoyment of lip locking goodness combined with bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and some nice juicy chicken pleasantly marinated in Nando's sauce!!!
Yeah! I'm crazy like so so and so but you get the point!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Makeup Tricks

If you see a beauty fanatic or makeup junkie sporting the fresh faced look or luminous skin, chances are they've combined an array of products to achieve this look. Despite the effort of MAC and Giorgio Armani cosmetics to try and bottle this look into one product, it is best achieved by using a couple of ingredients to make it super duper! But like i always say, it starts with flawless complexion; it doesn't mean that your skin has to be spotless - let's face it, only a handful of humans and aliens alike have perfectly clear complexion - but it certainly has to look healthy and mositurised.

When i want to achieve the no-makeup look, i tend to use concealer, foundation, highlighter, blush and moisturiser! I personally don't believe in tinted moisturisers as i think it's a waste of money because you can only create one look from it. Instead, buy yourself a liquid foundation and powder. You can always mix your moisturiser with your foundation to make it more sheer and wear your foundation on its own when you need more coverage. In order to get the luminous look, a highlighter is the key ingredient in this concoction. I usually mix a drop of highlighter, foundation and moisturiser to get the perfect blend of healthy glow....whenever i do this, i always get asked what i've done to my skin as my makeup doesn't look obvious. Unfortunately, i havent done this in weeks as my Giorgio Armani highlighter has run out. There are also other highlighters on the market such as the one from Becca Cosmetics and Napoleon Perdis Liquid Viel.

It is easy to overdose on highlighter and end up looking like a sequined face so use sparingly. If you're not interested in mixing it in with your foundation, you can just dot it lightly on your cheeks to make it pop...but you must BLEND IT IN!!! You don't want a start and finish line when it comes to your makeup as it doesn't look natural at all, the best thing to aim for is a seamless transition with no obvious demarcations.

As for concealers, hmmm...that's a touch and go issue for me as i've always hated concealers but i've realised that stick foundations certainly do the trick. I would not recommend a MAC concealer as they tend to cake and create lines underneath your eyes making you look older so you might want to try Bobbi Brown as theirs has more moisture in it. Make sure you do put on some eye cream/moisturiser before wearing concealer underneath your eyes so you don't tug on your skin.

An extremely cheap alternative to creating a highlighter effect on your cheeks is to mix a golden eyeshadow with clear lipgloss or vaseline and slowly blend it onto your cheeks. but if you're going to use this method, you're better off applying it UNDERNEATH your foundation because if you put it after applying your foundation, you'll get the streak effect with is NOT HOT!!! Bobbi Brown has shimmer bricks which in my opinion are solid versions of highlighters.

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Skincare Tricks To Know

Have you ever wished that your skin looked radiant and luminous with or without your makeup on? I've got a few tricks that can get you towards that wish and make it more of a reality...But it's gonna cost you BIG TIME...not just money wise but also time wise. When i was much younger, my mum used to say that your face, neck, hands and feet are the best investments you can make for yourself. Most people tend to think that makeup is just there to cover your skin or to scare the shit outts people...NO!! I believe it is there to enhance what you already have. It's just like a corset; you put it on to shrink the size of your waist and protuding belly but also to emphasise that you're a woman by drawing attention to the dramatic difference in size between youw breasts and your waist...And we all know that the curve from your buttocks down leads to the forbidden kingdom!! But lets not get into that conversation now, i'll save it for a more appropriate time.

The secret to glowing skin doesn't just start from the outside, it usually starts from the inside but since i'm no expert on health i wouldn't touch on that subject either. Most people tend to assume that the secret to luminous skin can be gotten from just one makeup product....except you live in a laboratory, the answer to that is most likely no. From my experience, no amount of makeup can hide the fact that your skin looks like shit because lets face it, you can use the best kabuki brush on earth (Chanel or MAC) to blend in your makeup but if your skin isn't already smooth and your pores unclogged, you'll need a miracle for the end result to be flawless.

The first investment you need to make for great skin is TIME! Yes people, time is money but you only have one face so you need to deal with it and the sooner the better. You can choose to follow the 2 or 3 step skincare routine depending on what type of skin you have. I for one have combination/oily skin so i usually stick to the 3 step routine. STEP 1: is wash the grime off your face day and night. I personally wouldn't advise you to spend loads of money buying an expensive facewash except you've got acne, ezcema or some other form of skin complications. A bar of dove soap does the trick for me because it is very moisturising compared to most soaps that can dry out your skin. There are also drugstore brands that you can buy facewash from. I personally use a face cloth to scrub my face and once a week, i use Johnsons 3-in-1 facewash because it's got exfoliating particles in it that slough off the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. STEP 2: use a toner after washing your face. This step can easily be skipped if you've got dry or normal skin. Since i have combination/oily skin, i try to use a clarifying toner to help balance out the oil in my skin and also clear up my complexion. I find that Dr Hauschka and Clinique work the best for me. With Clinique, you can go to one of their counters and get a routine customised for your skin type. STEP 3: MOISTURISE!!!! I cannot even say this enough! If you don't freaking moisturise your skin then your foundation is going to dry your skin out especially if you wear it daily. As a personal rule, i have two sets of moisturiser; one with SPF for day time and one without for the evening.

The jury is still out as to whether eye cream is essential so i wouldn't want to say much on that. All i'll say is if you wear your foundation close to your eye area or if you wear concealer daily, it is always best to use an eye cream as the skin there is pretty thin. Remember not to rub the cream in....just dab/pat very gently with your finger. Personally, i believe in spending as much as you can afford on your facial night cream and your eye cream but the drugstore brands are definately catching up with the high cosmetic brands so you can easily get a good deal for your money. When it comes to drugstore brands for eye creams, i'm absolutely in love with Garnier's eye roll on. I think it is AMAZING and i especially love the cool feeling you get after applying it on your eye area. It also allows you to use the least amount of pressure necessary.

If you follow these steps twice a day, you are well on the way to preparing your skin to look amazing when you get older without the need to freaking BOTOX or some form of cosmetic surgery. I believe in ageing gracefully and wearing at least SPF15 daily even during winter. Also, when it comes to anti-wrinkle creams, i'm not really convinced about it. You're better off investing in moisturiser that has a high amount of SPF because most of the ageing concerns are actually caused by the sun's rays! Clinique has a moisturiser with SPF 25 in it and Lancome has one with SPF 30 in it. I try to get a facial once a month and i'm pretty good at making up at-home facials for myself! Those of you who happen to know me in person, feel free to pop in sometime for one of my concotions!!! I tend to use avocado, egg-white, honey, mayonaisse and olive oil.....obviously not all at once! But if you're interested in buying something that has been manufactured, then the BEST i've ever tried is Bliss's oxygen facial! Seriously this shit is the best and you can get it here!

So just to sum up and include other products that i've used and recommend, here are links to some skincare products...

* Eye creams: La Prairie, La Mer, Bliss, Chanel Sublimage, La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour, La Prairie Eye Gel.

I happen to know someone who would gladly sell her shoes to get the La Mer, Chanel Sublimage or La Prairie eye gel. These creams are pretty expensive but they do last you a long time. My last eye cream lasted my about 8 months. The best way to store them, if you can, is to actually put it in the refridgerator and you can do the same with your night cream as well. To be honest though, i'd suggest starting with one like Garnier's eye rollon or Bliss if you're still young and when you get into your late 20s or when you hit 30, you can consider investing in the more expensive ones. You can also ask for samples at the counters at Myer and David Jones.

* Toners: Dr Hauschka, Bliss, Clinique, SKII

For me, SKII is more like food for the skin than an actual toner so i'd personally say if you buy it, do not waste it!

* Day creams: Estee Lauder - for the colder months, Clinique - for warmer months. For those above 25 worrying about anti-ageing creams, you could try Chanel's Beaute Initiale.

Facials in a can: Bliss, Bliss Oxygen Mask, Clinique

Night cream: SKII Aqua Physics

Face exfoliator: L'Occitane

Body Oils: L'Occitane - this one is great because grape has anti-ageing properties and the bottle is in dispenser/spray form so no wastage! Clarins - great if you're pregnant or losing weight

Source: Photo, Strawberry Net

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Paris Hilton Effect

If you'd asked me what i thought about Paris Hilton last year, i'd have said she's just a dumb blue-eyed blonde. but this year, my opinion has certainly changed. Sure, she's a media personality who happens to say the most retarded things at certain times but you gotta love a girl who totally believes in herself eventhough she might come across as silly. Now i just think of her as someone who's making the most of whatever is going on in her life at any given moment. She always seems like she leaves behind whatever shit has happened to her previously and just moves on with the future. I on the other hand, i'm the total opposite!

I find it very difficult to let go of stuff that's occures in the past and it always seems to affect and permeate ever situation that occurs after it. It's like i'm a sea bed where heavy particles just sink down, deposit themselves and wait for some situation to arise and these issues just float towards the surface to remind me that they certainly are there.

Digressing for a minute or two, at the moment i'm totally going crazy over ankle boots and it comes at a perfect time as winter is just around the corner for us Ozzies. I'm totally digging Paris's boots at the moment with all the studs in it; certainly adds some rock chic credentials to the look. Not too sure about her red lips though but i'm sure we can make that slide.

What do you guys think about this futuristic look she's sporting for a photoshoot...YAY or NAY?

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girl Crush, Shoe Obsessions & Rantings

When i saw these pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow on Just Jared, my chin hit the floor! I swear i could seriously turn lesbian just to have her to myself...yes you read that right! I could definately cross to the other side of the road. She's my idea of the ideal girl/woman, the kind i really want to be. She geeky but still sexy, beautiful, a mother and not too obvious. She's hot but not in an obvious way like Beyonce or some of the other ladies. She's the kind that has the 'cinderella factor'. For me the cinderella factor is when someone you usually wouldn't fall for slowly catches your heart without you realising until you're really deep in it and drowning.
After seeing these pictures of her in this dress and see how banging her body looks without having to show much skin, i've decided i'm definately going on a diet and fitness overhaul from next week! Seriously, you can't even begin to imagine how gaga i am over her pictures. Anyway, by the time i had the courage to look down from her face, i saw her beautiful Louboutin booties. Her whole ensemble for me is french chic at its best! its effortless chic without even trying hard, it just looks like she threw it on and left the house. So i would definately be saving up for this or looking for a replica of it.

Talking about cheap shoes and replicas, i have to say that Payless Shoes are definately a false economy. I entered the shop in Wollongong for the first time and my eyes caught some beautiful flats in sequins and animal prints for less than $50 bucks! In May, i'm certainly going to buy at least 4 different flats from the shop and they're gonna be my winter staples.
Its been a pretty emotional week for me; the stress of uni has slowly started pilling up and i've also started feeling lonely and alienated and real estate agents certainly don't help these issues either. And with the economy in a recession, it has become increasingly difficult to create happiness and elevate my mood as that's usually done with the arrival or purchase of a new item! So i'm hoping that when my dVb sunglasses arrive, it would be just what the retail doctor prescribed for me....medicine to my soul. Right now i'm in need of lots of love so if you can share that with me, that would be extremely great. I've always wondered why no one has come up with a non-chemical-anti-deppressant-medicinal way of giving love and happiness? Especially in this 21st century of ours where almost anything can be know genetically modified plants, aliens, why not genetically modified love, happiness and companionship? Why can't i walk into my local Coles or Woolies and purchase it? Why can't i get love from the counter for $50 bucks?
By the way, someone needs to tell Valentino to lay off the tan because he's beginning to look like corugated cardboard paper!
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