Monday, May 30, 2011

Generating Ideas...

...and moving on to implementation. As i type this, i'm on a 10 minute break from listening to an online stream of my International Business lecture. It's quite an interesting lecture as it's covered Plato, political economies, Thatcher-ism and Regan-economy in the last 60 minutes. But that's not what this post is about...
My little brain has been churning some unexpected ideas over this semester and i took the opportunity to jot some of them down at the time. But as of last night, i read a few of them and it got me thinking of putting some of them into action. My problem at the moment is that my ideas are just all over the place. There doesn't seem to be some sort of pattern that i can work with. This means, i have to actively try and create that pattern for myself.

I seem to generate ideas unexpectedly which leaves me taking notes on my phone so i can jot them down when i get home. The beauty of listening to my lectures online is that i actually generate academic and non-academic ideas during the process, so it always helps that my laptop is right in front of me to take these notes. While listening to this lecture, i had an idea of something that i could do with my blog come next semester; i'm actually quite interested in it at the moment.

So, do stay tuned as i'll be sure to let you guys know if i choose to go through with some of my random ideas. But until then, they'll remain my baby secrets. Just out of curiosity, is there anything you'd like to see me blog more of?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bored With My Current Meals

Has anyone ever gotten to that point where they're so bored with what they eat that you're no longer motivated to cook? Well, that's me right now. This picture totally explains how i feel
I have no idea why i feel this way. I'm not aware if this has happened to me in the past or not. With this in mind, i really do need your help. Can anyone please recommend recipes to me that i can make for 2? And also some great snack ideas for me? Thanks in advance :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Books, Books...

...and more books. This is pretty much what my week has been like. I took a break from job hunting to focus more on studying for my exams.
I've got three exams this semester and my first one is on the 11th of June. For some reason, i feel like i have too much to cover and too little time to go about it. I don't know if it's because my flatmate is busy panicking about her exams, so through some form of psychological osmosis, it is affecting me. I've been spending some time at the library much to my surprise. I personally hate studying in the library, everything there just distracts me right from the people to the atmosphere. I generally feel more sleepy studying in the library than i do on my own bed; and when i'm not feeling sleepy, i'm watching people come and go.

But recently, i've convinced myself to study in the library by bribing myself with a nice cup of coffee. I used to be a caffeine addict so i decided to stop drinking coffee unless necessary. And in the situation of the library, i think it's necessary because it stops me from falling asleep. Or, am i just making silly excuses? Who knows? All i care about now is being well prepped for my exams next month.

I leave you all on a happy note, i got an offer to study a Masters in Strategic Human Resource Management at my uni :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grad Outfit Ideas

This post is quite late; but here are the ideas i currently have for my graduation
My mum has offered to make me this dress if she's able to make it to Australia for my graduation {this is just one of the few things i want her to make for me}. This is great cause the sleeves are long and we'll be in the middle of the Australian winter during graduation. I should note that in the 3 years i've lived here, i still don't own a winter jacket. I get by just fine with a blazer and a cardigan; the reason behind this might be the fact that i moved here from the UK.
These pictures are from Tumblr. I think i can recreate a similar look with my black blazer, twill trousers from ASOS and a white shirt OR i could wear a simple cream cotton blouse underneath OR a breton stripe cardigan. But since i'm a lazy dresser, i won't be shocked if i opt for a long sleeve tee :)
This simple linen dress from ASOS comes in 4 colours so i'm spoilt for choice. At A$77.06, it seems like a very reasonable investment for my scanty wardrobe.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Drowning...

Drowning in my mind's eye
Drowning in my emotions and everything surrounding me
I'm trying so hard to swim but it feels like i'm going against the tide
Everything seems like such a hassle and demands so much energy
It's like everything's slowly been washed away

I want to run away
Far away from it all
Right to the end of the earth with only a book and my glasses for company
Where i can get away from it all and calm my mind and unravel my thoughts
Breathe in some fresh air...

I feel the need to spring clean my life and surroundings
A bid to starting afresh as a means of creating some much needed balance...
Adopt the mantra of less being more
But where's the time for that?
How do i carve out this much needed time when i already feel short of time?

While i try to figure it out, i have to face the reality of today...
...and the weeks ahead...
Textbooks, application forms, presentations and exams

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One by One

The bulbs in my apartment are dying off one at a time. As i type this, all the lights in the kitchen are out and i cook with the light on the hood. Last night unfortunately, the one in my room went off as well; i was living off just one as the other three went out. But now, its all dark except from the light coming from my laptop screen. I can't even imagine the amount of times i've called the real estate asking them to send someone over to fix all the lights. I would have fixed them myself, but unfortunately i can't. 

Whosoever designed the fixtures for the lights doesn't like me at all. I can see so much wiring from where i stand; and what the bulbs attach to is so tight and fixed in too deep that i can't reach it properly. A runny nose and several tries later, i've given up. So, i have to wait until Monday to make another call (and possibly go to their office if i'm feeling any better) to see if someone can come fix it ASAP

I'm lucky that i love turning off my room lights at night. The only problem now is i have to do all my studying in the living room, with the TV as a major distraction (not like there's anything fun on free TV). Maybe this will help me plan my time better and go to bed earlier

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sick Baby

I feel like i haven't experienced this week at all and it's already Saturday afternoon here in Australia. I've been sick all week although i managed to sit my weekly tests on Monday and Tuesday. Since then, i've been home curled underneath my duvet with my heater next to me and my laptop for company. My birthday was on Thursday and i couldn't celebrate much or make myself anything special because i was too weak to cook. But then, that's the least of my worries because i plan on celebrating it sometime later.

I haven't had the chance to do any of my assessments because i've been ill. So, i have to apply for special consideration because i won't be able to hand any of them in by the due date. I have so much catching up to do. I really hate being sick and it feels like i've been in bed for years already.

I know i promised to post my graduation outfit ideas but i haven't gotten round to it yet. But hopefully i'll do that next week when i feel much better.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Just Sunk In

It's only just sunk in that i'm graduating in July. Granted, it's not my first graduation ever neither is it my first from university. But it'll definitely be the first one that i'll be attending; i skipped my graduation in England because it clashed with my orientation week here in Australia. I applied for my graduation last week but it wasn't until yesterday that i really started thinking about it. My Mum called me to ask me if i'd thought of outfit ideas for my graduation or if i want her to buy me something. 

I felt like someone had just woken me up from some sort of dream; i can't believe that 3 years has gone by so fast. Of course, during the process of each semester, i certainly whined about how annoying things and people were and that certainly hasn't changed as i type it. But i've also learnt a lot about myself during these years here. It has also become more obvious to me what i'd like to research for my PhD. It's a bit of a mish mash of different courses i've taken over the last 7 years and there's just a few people here in Australia that are willing to supervise this area of research as most universities here don't offer courses related to it. Luckily for me, we do Business Innovation here at my university and it is a key aspect of the research i'm thinking of doing.

But a research is still far off as i still need to start my Masters. In line with that, i'm yet to apply for my Masters because i'm just too lazy to fill out the form; i definitely need to do it soon if i plan on applying to other universities. But with mine, since i'm already a student i can actually apply on the day my final results are released because as long as i pass, i'll get a place.

Now, back to that outfit idea. After my Mum talked about it, my head just kept rambling with ideas which made sleeping a little bit difficult for me. I don't want to get anything that can only be worn during special occasions. I want something that i can easily incorporate into my daily life after graduation is over. So, my next post will be on the outfits i currently have in mind (i really don't want to buy any shoes). Until then, why not share your ideas on what this curvy lady can wear on her day? It'll be winter here :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Just Had To...

...Anna Paquin looks absolutely divine in her outfit. I don't know if it's because i have a thing for pale girls, but everything here works for me. Hope you're all having a blessed Sunday