Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Believe In Astrology...

...tarot card readings, crystal balls, horoscopes? Well i personally only believe in it if it's saying something positive or if it's giving me a caution. If it says something negative i simply ignore it because in 'The Teachings of Abraham' as spoken by Esther and Jerry Hicks, you're taught to only align yourself with those things you want because as you align your thoughts and feelings with them, the universe will start to attract those things you want. So the minute you start accepting negative assumptions and theories about your life, you start to feel negative energy vibrating through you and the universe aligns negative things to you because it is what you're wishing for: whether you're doing it consciously or unconsciously. The idea is that you attract those things that you give your thoughts and feelings to. If you're interested in knowing more about the teachings, you can purchase the audo cd's from most bookshops and i think they have about 10+ series but don't quote me on that. If you're more of a visual learner, you can purchase 'The Secret' dvd which is based on the teachings of abraham but a very short and compact version. I've actually listened to some of the series and watched the secret and i have to say that the dvd doesn't really do it justice and it really isn't for everyone. Some people might think it's bullshit and others might believe it. I happen to believe in it because it's actually a theory i was brought up with but i didn't get to listen to the teachings of abraham or watch the secret until last year, which is almost 21 years after my parents started telling me about it.
I've actually had a crystal ball reading done and a tarot reading at the same time and what was scary was how accurate she was. When i went in, she told me not to tell her anything about myself except from my first name because she does the readings with her eyes closed and she needs a name to call me by. She told me my mother's date of birth, my date of birth and all the plans i'd made before i actually went to see her. She even told me about some of the things that had happened in my family which was a surprise considering the fact that only my family members know about them. So here's a link to September's horoscope as provided by Marie Claire magazine, Australia.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh My Boobs...

...please accept my apology because i know that i've upset you greatly. Every morning when i wake up and look down at you, i always complain because you're a 14E/36E and in Australia it is pretty difficult to find a sexy, lacy, silky, raunchy bra that can embrace all your curves in all its natural wonders. I complain because i always have to result to Figleaves to compensate myself because they happen to be the only online store i'm aware of that stocks bras from all over the world including France; the country where women are particular about their lingerie and where beauty is created in a bra my size. And the fact that i've ban myself from shopping online at Figleaves until the christmas sale makes it more depressing but from now on, my aim is to shower you with love and adoration instead of complaining about your size and my wish to magically shrink you down to a C-cup.
I'm going to stop complaining because today i saw a picture of Jordan aka Katie Price with a cleavage that looked like two solid rocks stuck to her chest. I'm going to stop complaining because people are paying to have plastic and any other poisonous options to look as luscious as i do and i didn't have to pay a dime. I'm going to stop complaining because today, i discovered that David Jones happens to stock one of my favourite french brands Simone Perele. I'm going to stop complaining because they also happen to have more sizes of Elle Macpherson's bras compared to Myer. I'm going to stop complaining because the anorexic looking girl in the changing room today couldn't fill the cup of her boob tube dress she was trying on at Myer while some guy couldn't help but stare in an obvious manner at the impressive cleavage i was rocking today without the need of chicken fillets. I am going to stop complaining because my cleavage looks better than Dita Von Tesse's and i didn't have to pay for it. I'm going to stop complaining because you help distract attention from all the other parts of my body i'm not in love with. Now all i need to do is save $200 so i can go buy you some Simon Perele and Elle Macpherson bras to celebrate your gorgeousness because you are gorgeous and you are worth it. And no, i am not crazy!!!
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What Time Do You Go To Bed?

So, i'm trying to create a sleeping pattern for myself because on some nights i can't sleep while on others i can. According to my aunt who happens to be a nurse, she said it might be because i don't have a sleep pattern and i should try getting into one for the next 2 weeks as that's how long the average person's body needs to adjust to a new pattern. Hopefully after that i would be able to sleep easily and have no need for the smelly valerian 2000 which doesn't even work. So what time do you go to bed and when do you wake up?
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time For A Fresh Start Because... in Australia, the 1st of September is officially the beginning of Spring. Yes people, the fake winter season is over and i have to say i'm somewhat sad to see it go because the temperature would soon be flying off the roof considering the fact that the Australian spring is capable of being much warmer than the average british summer; but i'm looking back on the month of August and reviewing how some of the changes i made went. I have to admit that i think i took on a bit more than i could possibly chew so some things got dropped by the wayside and i'm hoping to pick them up again for September but with much more realistic goals.
So, as i type this, i'm still 87.3kg and if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll realise that me shifting weight is like one person trying to lift 10kg worth of weights during their first session at the gym. I actually thought i'd gained weight but my flatmate told me to stop weighing myself the minute i'm done drinking tea because it does add to the number on the scale...and i thought i was mega Anyway my aim for August was to lose 4.3kg and not procrastinate on any of my uni assignments, so it's fair to say i scored 1 out of 2 because i'm pretty much on top of all my assessments. I've even managed to keep up with my weekly readings on 3 out of the 4 subjects i'm taking at uni which has never really happened during my previous semesters.
So all my marathon studying meant i couldn't pull in 6 hours of workout on a weekly basis because on some days, i couldn't even spell simple words without making a mistake. That's how mentally drained i was. But i'm really glad that there wasn't any procrastination with my assignments like i tend to do. I made weekly timetables of the things i had to study for and the research i had to take in order to get to that point. Of course, it meant missing some lectures which i've pretty much made up for in my readings so far. But for this month, i'm not even going to put myself through the mental torture of actually setting a goal weight because i end up beating myself up whenever i don't reach it. Instead, i'm aiming to workout for at least 30 minutes for 6 days on a weekly basis. This is much more realistic for me because i can easily squeeze in a 30 minute workout before going to bed....i hope :).
I'm also going to try and be more positive as opposed to being very negative, smile as much as i can and say hi to strangers. I've actually been considering getting a tattoo of a smiley face on my wrist like Lily Allen and the phrase 'Love Life, Live Life, Enjoy Life'. I already know the reaction i'm going to get from my mum: after she's made it very clear that tattooing yourself with permanent ink is a sin in Christainity, she'll remind me of the fact that i'm still unmarried and that nigerian families in the region i'm from do not accept daughter-in-laws with tattoos because it shows you're a 'loose girl' and that your parents didn't bring you up well. This would mean that i'd have to wait for my dream to come true: getting married to a caucasian! As for my dad, i certainly would not be surprised if he decides to disown me!!! Such is the seriousness and importance of culture and religion in my family. It is also the same reason why i chose to study in Australis which is on the other side of the globe....ha!!! Image via
I leave you with a quote i read/heard somewhere...
Every new day is an opportunity to take the steps toward the
life you want to live and the person you truly want to be. Each day provides you
with another chance to create your own reality and live your dream.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanna Be My Personal Coffee?

There's something incredibly sexy about Gabriel Aubry that makes me want to mount him and practise biology! I think it's a combination of his eyes, his broody looks and his ability to look good with short hair, long hair and even a clean-shaved face! Now that has to be impressive. I wonder if he'd like to adopt me :). After watching Coco Avant Chanel - which was good by the way - with JieJie, we headed back to uni to work separately on our assignments. But on the way to our coffee hotspot 'Rush', a very cute guy walked past with a smile on his face whilst looking at me. So there i was stupidly asking JieJie if she knew the guy cause he seemed to be smiling at us. She then pointed out that he might have thought i was waving to him because i was trying to move someone's cancer stick smoke from my face with my hands. I blew a perfect opportunity to put on my bedroom
Anyways, he's got me all hot and bothered and contemplating going to uni on Tuesdays in the hope of seeing him again eventhough i don't have any classes on Tuesdays. I spent the better part of the next 30 minutes contemplating on whether i want cookies and coffee whilst wishing Mr Cutie would walk past again. If i ever see him again, i'm definately going to stop him and say hi, ask for his name and have a bit of a chitchat. Considering the fact that i'm unaware of how to flirt, this would just have to do. I told JieJie that if i'd seen him again, there'd be no more need for coffee as i'd be too hot and very alert. He could be my own personal coffee and the best part is that it's not going to cost me anything financially! He'd be like my own personal brand of heroin!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Two For One

Here's Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in London after having dinner together. When i saw the pictures of both of them, one person came to mind - DITA VON TEESE!!!
It'a almost as if she's been split into two different people. Taylor's matchy matchy ensemble is very reminiscent of Dita and Katy's hair and skin tone also remind me of Dita. I'm loving Katy's dress and hopefully i'll find something that looks like it or maybe ASOS might work their magic and make one so i can buy it. I also love Taylor's dress; i especially love the green bits that seem to be hidden under some net/lace material and you can see that she interpreted the colour in the thin headband she's got on. I'm not too sure about her choice of bag though. But it doesn't really matter because it ain't a fashion show!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoe Envy

Doesn't Thandie Newton have gorgeous legs? Not only are her legs gorgeous, they are also being romanced by a pair of Matthew Williamson heels i'm totally wanting! I would love to own it, or even something that looks like it for a more affordable price. I also think it's time i book myself in for a pedicure because just looking at her feet reminds me of how crusty mine are.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kinky December Anyone?

One of my best friends, Erica often refers to me as 'kinky'. Well, that's pretty much the only word she uses to describe me whenever someone asks her to tell them about me. Apparently i'm a silent devil...i don't know if it's because i can bellydance or whine my waist or perform a strip tease routine. But she always says behind the dark brown eyes in a kinky devil. I try not to argue about these situations because at some point in my life a strip tease routine is certainly going to come in handy right??????? *_^. So i've been thinking of what i would like for a christmas present this December and i want a corset and suspenders! Yes, i'm sort of fascinated by them. Not just their ability to make your waist smaller but how they make your boobs look juicy and deliciously scrumptous. Gosh, i feel naughty just saying that. I remember my first ever corset; i was 15 and i got it with my mum whilst buying my prom dress. Sometimes when i think back on the things my mum let me purchase, i'm extremely surprised because she's a christain and doesn't believe in the idea of dressing sexy or showing off your breasts or thighs. But my prom dress had a dangerously low back and no room for an actual bra so i ended up going braless. Who would have thought in a million years that she'd let me wear a dress like that at 15? I guess she really did trust me.
Back to the story of my corset, it was black and it had some transparent lace sections while the other bits were made of silk. It cost me 3000 naira and in Nigeria that is ridiculously expensive money to spend on something you can't wear everyday. But the minute i put it on, i felt like an ultimate seductress with an agenda in mind and that's when my love for corsets, bellydancing and strip tease began. So for christmas i'd love the ASOS boudoir corset pictured above and it costs £45. I wouldn't mind owning the one below either to wear lounging about in my room whilst watching episodes of Grand Designs. It's by 6ixty 8ight and it costs £20.

The Simple Life

I'm a fan of all things simple as it just reduces the amount of stress that is already involved in my day and my brain. That's the reason why i love this ensemble Blake Lively's rocking. The pallette is just as simple as it is chic: black and white. It's very parisian and reminds me of Chanel and she's got legs for days so why not show them off :). The Australian summer is fast approaching so it's time for me to start increasing the amount of squats and lunges i do daily as i plan on wearing skirts this summer. I'm not going to do what i did last summer; i wore strictly leggings and jeans as i was too embarrassed to show off my legs. Needless to say, it was 40 degrees on some days in Queensland and we had a daily dose of humidity so the ickiness of sweating in jeans or leggings wasn't sexy at all.

Look Like Kim Kardashian For Less

When i saw this dress online at Topshop, i immediately remembered a picture i'd seen on Red Carpet Fashion Awards with Kim Kardashian looking tasteful in a black number. Now you can look just like her for £38. Remember not to over accessorise as the dress is already tight and short. All you need is a good manicure, glossy hair and a brilliant smile. You can purchase the dress here. This dress is pretty versatile as you can wear it during the day with gold flats to add a pop of colour and at night with a pair of fierce heels.

Just Right Or Horribly Wrong?

When i saw this Warehouse dress on ASOS, i couldn't decide what to make of it. It's a combination of different trends all in one mini dress. You've got the sheer appeal going on, the zipper trend and even the silk look all combined into one dress. Let's not forget that there's also a bit of jersey material look in front and at the back. What makes it a bad look for me is how the zip ends just on the boob area and the fact that the matte section of the dress is actually translucent. When i think of the people who might slip this dress on, i'm thinking Heidi Montag, Jordan or Cheryl Cole. The first two would certainly turn the dress into a trashy look while Cheryl might just manage to balance it on ok depending on how she decides to accessorise it. You can buy this dress here for £50.

What do you think of the dress? HOT or NOT?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It’s Not the Power of the Curse, It’s The Power You Give The Curse

Ever heard of the placebo effect? It’s the beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient's expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself. I watched Penelope today and it reminded me of the placebo effect after the curse was broken. And you know that little boy at the end that explained why the curse got broken without the kiss of a blue blood man? Well, it’s all about the power of the mind i guess. This is one of my excuses for not going to book an appointment with the doctor or get on a waiting list. That and the fact that i'm tired of getting blood tests weekly that keep showing them what they've known for years already. I'm believing and hoping that i wouldn't get to a stage where i'll get so depressed and messed up about my weight that i'll succumb to getting hormone therapy or whatever it's called. For those who know anything about underactive thyroids and P.C.O.S, then you'll know what i'm getting at. And if you happen to be unaware of it, Google might help you on that note as i'm not the best at explaining things.

This brings me to another point. Do you ever feel like you’re an actor playing a character in someone else’s movie? Maybe the movie might be for the world in general or for your parents? Well, sometimes i feel like Shrek, Penelope or Bolt. I’m a character in my family’s movie. Of course, mum always says you can go be who you want and do what you want with your life. And the minute she’s done saying that, she gives me a sermon on all the marvellous things that my life would be if i just live the life of the good Christian girl dad and mum wants me to be. But then, i know that i don’t know exactly what i want because i’ve grown up being the character that everyone in the family wants me to be and i feel like i’m walking in the shadows of mum and dad. All i want to do is find out who i really am, even if it ends up leading me to the person they always want to be or if i end up being someone else. At least i would know who i am and would have had the experience.

That was what i thought would happen with me going to uni away from the country. I felt the distance would make it easier for me to figure out who i am and what i truly want. But i found out it wasn’t the case and even at the moment as i’m on the opposite side of the world, i still feel like i’m mentally imprisoned in the mode of being who they want because i know they’re spending loads of money on my being here. Plus i’m crippled by fear. And the funny part is that i don’t know what i’m scared of. What’s even funnier is the fact that i’m actually scared considering the fact that i’ve been travelling alone since i was 12 to different states in Nigeria and when i was 15 i made my first solo trip out of the country. I can pretty much travel anywhere in the world that i choose to visit without any company and even when the doubts of making new friends come to mind, it hasn’t stopped me so far on my quest for excitement. It’s been a year and almost 2 months since i left England and i must admit that i do miss it. I don’t miss the people as much as i miss the little town i used to live, Loughborough, or the terrible british weather. I miss actual autumn, white Christmas and that feeling that my nose is frozen. I miss wearing a jacket during autumn, gloves and a scarf during winter. I miss going for dinner with my friends at various restaurants and comparing the waitress' service to the one i have to give at the Leicester stadium to VIPs.

This brings me to another theory: The Chaos Theory. If you've seen the movie Chaos you'll know where i'm going with this. Chaos theory is the study of phenomena that appear random but in fact have an element of regularity that can be described mathematically. 'Return to the earth now if your mind is troubled and your heart is uncertain. For it is by returning to the beginning that we can clearly see the path' - Ryan Phillipe's character in the movie explained that an elephant made this statement to Buddha when he was confused in the forest. So when you hit a dead end, you go back to the beginning and try to find your way again. This takes us back to the very first thing i was talking about when i started this post. So does it mean that everything in your life would come together to form a uniform agenda at some point? You would think that with me being tired i wouldn't be able to do anything else today, but my brain is currently on overdrive and as i type this, i'm on the 10th page on Microsoft Word! How swell...

No Sex In The City

Whilst on the bus to uni today, i sat behind two pretty blonde girls and i couldn't help but listen into their conversation as it was quite interesting; this has to be one big advantage of sitting towards the back of the bus. Anyway, one of them was complaining to the other about the fact that she hadn't had sex in a while and she said she feels like she's going through a dry phase. In her words, 'there's not enough choice here in Wollongong and the boys that are ok are actually overrated. We need to go spend a weekend in Sydney and party so i can meet some potentials'. Their conversation immediately reminded me of Samantha from the HBO Series 'Sex and The City'. I haven't seen much of the series itself but from the episodes i watched, Samantha is the most promiscous of them all.
Up until yesterday, i never really understood the thinking behind going to an overcrowded bar or club to spend the night drinking and having conversations at the top of your lungs. But my counsellor pointed out that it isn't so much as the senseless nature of getting drunk in the midst of people you've never met in your life but it is more about getting some social skills that can actually be applied in the business world. You go to university to gain academic and factual knowledge relating to the area you hope to specialise in when you start working. But when you go out with mates to the club or pub, you're learning how to create a social network because you never really know who you know that knows someone that might be of importance to you in the future. Also, in the corporate world, you sometimes have to drink socially with potential clients and bosses and the way you hold your ground in that situation determines how far you'll climb in the corporate world. It isn't really about how much knowledge you have on your chosen career but how well you fit into the social circle. Do you look like you belong or do you look really uncomfortable in the midst of people slightly drunk and puffing away on their ciggies? Can you survive through a night of your boss telling jokes that are as dry as the saharan desert and pretend like it's actually funny? Your ease at conversing with total strangers in a club could end up getting you a contract that you thought impossible.
Anyway, so now i've been given the assignment to get my butt off on a night out in the next 4 weeks after i've completed all my assessments. I don't know how i'm going to survive it because when it comes to partying, crowds and a bunch of randomers, i'm pretty much a social leper. I hate being around drunk people and i hate standing in crowded clubs; the thought of sweaty and drunk people is enough to make me sick. But at some point i've got to start grooming my social skills if i'm to make it anywhere in the international business world. So when i've lost my social virginity, you'll read about it.

On another note, i've never actually watched the entire series of Sex and the City as it's a bit too obscene for my liking. I remember from the few that i've watched, i always hit the fast-forward button in each episode as there were several cringe worthy scenes i couldn't stomach. I actually watched the movie when it came out last year and i thought it was an absolute waste of my money. But if i can learn a thing or two from Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha when it comes to socialising, then i guess i should give the series another try.

Brain Power

I finished my last class for today at 7.30pm and i have to say the minute i stepped out, it felt like i was in a daze or haze or whichever word you feel best describes it. You see, i spent the majority of today reading four different textbooks because my assessments' due date are slowly creeping up on me and i promised myself that for this semester i wouldn't procrastinate on any of my assignments. So i've been keeping myself up to date by studying all the relevant chapters for each subject each week whilst doing a research for one of my subjects that doesn't have a specific designated text. I feel like i've just had brain overloaad and it has led to me feeling very airy. I still feel that way now eventhough the only thing i've eaten today are four slices of toast. I conveniently missed dinner today because by the time my last class was over, so was dinner so there was no chance of me getting here in time to grab a bite even if i could beat the world record set by any sprinter alive.

Right now i only have three things on my mind: coffee, sleep and economics. You would think that after my stint of studying today and hunger i would be considering food and a warm bath. For one it is definite the warm bath wouldn't be taking place because there's no bath in my accommodation...HA! I have to find a way to give myself a bit of a pep-talk today to convince myself to workout because i'm sooo tired that i can't even think straight. I almost feel like i'm rambling on this post but considering the fact that i'm hungry and that my brain is on snooze alert right now, there's no one to blame but uni. Funny cause the same process is going to occur tomorrow again with the difference being that i finish at 6.30pm.
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Time Traveller's Wife

Here's Rachel McAdams at the premiere of her new movie with Eric Bana. I've never really associated her with bombshell but i have to say she looks devastatingly hot in this dress. I love how dangerously low the front of the dress is and i'm sure she would have sent pulses racing! I'm trying to imagine this dress in red, smoking hot!!! If i had her body i would soooo wear this dress. I wish she didn't wear black pumps though but that can be easily overlooked when she looks this beautiful. You might be interested to know that Brad Pitt was one of the executive producers in the movie.

David Jones Spring/Summer Show

Victoria Secret model and Fashion ambassador to David Jones, Miranda Kerr, showed off the Spring/Summer collection from Australian designers such as Ginger & Smart, Sass & Bide and Collette Dinnigan at The Peninsula, Docklands in Melbourne on Thursday August 13th. I have to say i usually don't browse David Jones for clothing but on my next shopping trip to Sydney i'm gonna look for those black gloves and boots she's got on. That white ensemble with the black belt is sooo perfect to wear to the races and i can add the gloves to my collection. I have also decided on the new nailpolish colour i will be adding to my collection for summer; orangey-red. I'm definitely loving the nail polish she's sporting and i can just imagine it on my toe nails all through summer to go with my bright red polish and a dark pink.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enjoy While It Lasts

Here's Megan Fox looking really good on her way to a meeting. I'm usually not a fan of YSL Tribs especially since the black ones have been worn to death by A-Z list celebs but i have to say this grey one looks really good and it's refreshing for my eyeballs. It's not everyday you see Megan looking this good with her mouth closed and her annoying tongue pose no where in sight so enjoy it while it lasts.

Look Like Megan Fox For Less

During Megan Fox's promotional tour for the Transformers sequel, i was immensely impressed by how well she could scrub up and i have to give a huge kudos to her team. Of course, there were times she looked a hot mess but those were minor compared to the amount of times she looked drop dead gorgeous. Well now you can get two of her looks for a bargain. You can find the black Prophecy dress above at ASOS and you can buy it here for £60. This dress has already made it to the top of my long ASOS shopping list.

This French Connection dress is also very similar to the dress she wore for her appearance on the David Letterman show. Unfortunately, this dress is currently sold out on ASOS but you can keep a look out for it here as they might restock it and it would set you back by £100.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who's That Man?

When i saw this picture of Kevin Federline, my chin nearly hit the floor. He looks nothing like his former self and he seems to be worsening matters by puffing on a cancer stick. I feel like i'm looking at a giant toddler. What happened to the dancer's body he used to have huh? That's his girlfriend pictured with him; word is she used to be a professional volleyball player. I think it's safe to say K-Fed needs to join me on a weightloss regime, he's even bigger than i am!

Chanel Inspired?

When i saw this Mango jacket up on ASOS, the first thing that came to mind was Chanel because the pattern of the jacket is very similar to the pattern of the tweed jackets that Chanel make. For those of you that reside in the UK, you'll be very happy to know that you're the only ones that can purchase this jacket because none of the Mango items sold on ASOS ships outside of the UK. You can buy this jacket here for £69.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get Angelina Jolie's Look For Less

When Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet with Brad Pitt for the premiere of his movie Inglorious Basterds, i wasn't suprised to see that she was wearing black which is pretty much her staple colour of choice. Those of you in the UK would be happy to know that Mango has a leather-look dress pictured above that is very similar to what Angie is wearing sans the pockets. You can purchase this dress here from ASOS for £39. Unfortunately for us internationals, they only ship to UK. If you're not so keen on a full leather looking dress, why not try this dress here for £45? For those of you who are interested, Angie's dress is by Michael Kors and Blake Lively wore the same dress but in a hot pink colour. You can see photos of her wearing it here.


Friday, August 14, 2009

What Do You Think?

Whilst shooting scenes for her guest spot on Gossip Girls, Tyra Banks was sported wearing this orange ensemble which i'll assume is a Herve dress. I don't know about you guys but i think she looks a bit hideous. It's almost as if she's sporting a fake tan and her wig is too dark and too low down her forehead for my liking. I think the length of the dress doesn't make it any better; knee-length might have been a better option. But then these are stalkerazzi pictures so maybe it'll look better on tv. What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cold, Blocked And Painful

As i type up this post, i'm getting ready to go back to bed because i've been sneezing like a cow all morning. My lecturer was kind enough to give me permission to miss my tutorials today after i sneezed like 3 times in front of him and he noticed that my nose was bleeding as well. Not only am I sneezing, one of my nostrils is blocked and the other one bleeds whenever i sneeze. To make matters worse, i've got itchy throat and cramps because it's the time of the month. So this isn't even a double whammy, it's a triple whammy because i have a headache as well. I'm meant to be going sightseeing in Canberra on saturday so i hope i feel much better by then. I'm definately going to overdose on green tea and ginger tea to help speed up the process. Did i mention that the doctor is ill as well?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Own Karolina Kurkova's Dress

Whilst promoting the movie GI: Joe, a pregnant Karolina Kurkova was wearing pieces from Topshop proving that you don't need to wear expensive clothes to look stylish. You can purchase her dress from Topshop for £30. Her black belt doesn't appear to be online anymore but you can get the teal version or the red one for £20. Finish off your look with these boots and a smile.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's On Your Louboutin Wishlist?

I was just getting ready to go to bed when i received an e-mail from Net-a-Porter about all shoes Louboutin. Although the two pairs i'm totally lusting after hasn't been included in their collection yet, i couldn't help but get all dreamy eyed over the few ones that are actually there. I'm lusting after a pair of studded boots that the Olsen twins own and also a pair of studded open-toe pumps that Nicky Hilton recently wore. But there's my wishlist from the ones currently up online.


This Is One Brave Chick!

Here's a picture of Beyonce Knowles and her sister Solange promoting the Samantha Thavasa & Disney Handbags in Japan. Those bags are sooooo ugly i wouldn't even carry one if it is was given to me for free and let's face it, neither of these girls would carry their pets in it either let alone walk on the street with it. Anyways, i'm actually loving Solange with this short hair and i just wish i was brave enough to do the same. It would save me so much time, energy and money. But one thing i've noticed is that the minute chicks shave their hair off, the drag queen makeup takes over. You only need to look at Amber Rose and Rihanna to understand where i'm coming from; but having said that i think she actually looks hot! Shame about their outfits though and it seems like Solange colour coded her lipstick with her skirt and the wall behind her actually goes with the entire ensemble.

For those who haven't noticed, i have a poll going on in the right hand corner about what i should do with my hair. You can also read my previous rant about my hair here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

In Need Of A New Fire & Motivation

If you haven't heard by now, then please allow me to enlighten you; i GET BORED VERY easily. I have a very short attention span and even a fly buzzing by is all it takes to distract me. That's the reason i love things that are creative like fashion, building houses and random stuff like those. Anyway, on the first week of August, i talked about getting up and working my butt off so i can lose a few kilos......well, i've only managed to work out twice and it took a lot of energy for me to get there. For this week, i set myself a goal of working out 5 times and today i've only managed to do 5 minutes of exercise. Just trying to workout felt physically and mentally challenging, it was almost as if someone had tied a chain around my entire body and i couldn't be bothered to move.
The fact that we're in a recession and that my shopping list is 3 pages long isn't helping matters either. I need some sort of motivation to get me working out again and the idea of me looking forward to clothes shopping isn't as motivating as it used to be. I need some sort of magic, a spark, a renewment of my mojo for me to get into the groove again. Even painting my nails last night felt like a chore that i ended up doing it just 30 minutes before going to bed. I know that if i see a quick result like losing a kilo this week i'll be more fired up to actually do more because lets face it, i ain't gonna starve myself by going on a fast to achieve that result because it's already week 3 of uni and just the thought of going on a fast is already killing my brain cells.
Have you ever been in a situation where you've fought temptation so hard that it ended up taking more of your sanity than required to win the battle? That's exactly what's been happening to me since 3.30pm today. See, i had International Trade Theory and Accounting back-to-back. For me, Economics is the equivalent of a toxic liver while Accounting is like mental fatigue. Before going for my tutorial, i told JieJie that i wanted McVitie's milk chocolate digestive biscuit real bad and by the time i'd finished my economics test, not only could i envision it in my eyes like i was staring right at it, i could also taste it in my mouth and smell the chocolate coating all over the biscuit. Fighting my urge to go to Woolworths to purchase it followed me all the way to the dining hall at 5.30pm where i had dinner, drank 200ml of skimmed soy milk and an extra 250ml of water so that i'll be too full to consider eating anything else. Guess what? It didn't work because as i type this, i can imagine all the crumbs in my mouth and i've salivating like a hungry dog all in the name of craving biscuit.

So, here i am looking, begging, searching and whatever other word comes to mind for some inspiration and motivation.