Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New MAC Studio Sculpt And DVB Sunglasses

The weekend has been stressful for me and ended up leading to a stressful beginning to the new week. But when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!!! Yes i know its a stupid mantra but its my blog so i can say it...hehe. It's just Tuesday but i'm already stressed out of my mind with assignments and house hunting. So you can only imagine my excitement when i headed over to JMC's blog only to find out that she's got the inner scoop on the DVB sunglasses i've been dying to get designed by none other than Victoria Beckham herself. yes they are on sale and i have ALREADY ordered one. I wasn't waiting for the sun to shine to decide on whether i should get them. I'm totally going to rock these babies even if it means i have to starve for the next month!!!

As for MAC, they've finally gotten round to release a waterproof concealer and foundation - the foundation is a creamy gel texture. You know what? It's about bloody time they did this! Their competitors have been making long wearing and water-resistant makeup and in this Australian heat that some people refer to as MILD, it is a very refreshing change! I soooo cannot wait to get the foundation and concealer and i'll certainly be reviewing them here so you guys have an idea of what it's like. But before i get ahead of myself, i certainly have to find an apartment to move into if not i'll become a HOMELESS girl in a foreign country! For those who are interested in purchasing them, the products are Studio Sculpt Concealer and Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation.
call me picky but when are makeup companies going to start releasing foundations and concealers with SPF 30? Those who live in a harsh climate like Australia's would certainly understand where i'm coming from. It would reduce the need to wear layers of creams and potions just to protect your skin. Please do not even bother mentioning MAC's SPF50 primer! I'll save you time and money and let you know that it is absolutely crap! It felt like i had paint on my skin and just made the whole thing worse instead of better! My MAC foundation didn't stick to my skin at all, you're better off buying Napoleon Perdis' primer or NARS. In my opinion, NARS is the better one out of both of them but i do admit it is expensive!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wardrobe Staples

Since taking the decision to get a new wardrobe, i've been patiently sourcing looks and ideas that i'd love to incorporate. I've also been looking at regular stylish people on the streets and also celebrities to get ideas. If you're a fashion follower - however mildly - you'll notice that the leather jacket and a mens-style watch are two staples in a fashionista's wardrobe that go a long way! Even the robot stylist rachel Zoe said this in her book so i guess i'm on the right road hehe. But really, if you invest wisely in these two items, it'll last you a really long time and also give you different stylish ways to wear your ensemble.
I currently own a Guess mens-style wristwatch and i have to say that i'm always wearing it irrespective of the occasion. It did cost me quite a bit but it's been almost 3 years since i've had it and i havent even changed the batteries yet! I can easily wear it daily to lectures or even on special nights out. I'm yet to own a leather jacket but i'm very sure it'll be a great addition to my wardrobe as it can be worn with jeans, over blouses and floaty dresses. It can also be used to toughen a floral dress to create a boho-rock chic look. How hot will that look?!
You can get quality leather jackets from ASOS, Sportsgirl, French Connection and Ben Sherman to name a few. Or just head to your local high street or even Myer and David Jones and browse what's on offer. Make sure you're patient when choosing a leather jacket and especially a wristwatch. A wristwatch is one of those accessories that can make or break a look.
Source: Photo & Photo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

De Ja Shirt - Anna Kournikova

On Tuesday, i blogged about Anna Kournikova's ensemble with the silk shirt and the mini skirt and yesterday, she was at the NYSE wearing the same silk shirt! But this time she wore it with black YSL heels, a black Hermes belt and black pants. Its good to know that celebrities wear the same outfits more than once to public appearances. But it also shows how versatile a white shirt can be.

Source: Photo and Photo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Inspiration: Emily And Andrea in 'The devil Wears Prada'

I seriously cannot begin to explain to you how much i love Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt's characters in 'The Devil Wears Prada'. If i had supernatural powers, i'd make my skin as pale as Emily's so i can dye my hair fire-engine red because i have an absolute obsession with redheads. Don't ask me why but i absolutely love it and when i come across a redhead guy, he's got the ticket to my heart without having to work hard for it.

Anyway, style wise i love what their characters in the movie wear. Anne's character Andrea dresses in a very chic parisian/french way which i absolutely love as it isn't out there but it definately gets your attention. I love Emily's character mainly for how all her outfits were accessorised in the movie so i'm definately using both of them as inspirations for my new wardrobe. I haven't even started window shopping yet but i can tell you that my list is already growing long.

I'll leave you with a quote from Coco Chanel. She once said that "in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different". Have a nice night everyone.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrity Looks For Less: Anna And Kelly

I hate how blogger automatically assumes what order i want my pictures to be put in. Anyways, when i saw this photo of Anna Kournikova, my jaw hit the ground. Seriously, it's a very simple outfit but she's jazzed it up with the red clutch. I strongly suggest no cleavage with this look because you already have enough legs showing as it is. You can purchase a skirt like hers from Supre for less than $60. For the white shirt, a plain men's shirt can just be as sexy as a silk one. We'll stick to a plain white shirt as we're trying to be as economically savvy as possible. Cotton On does nice male shits and you can easily take them in to suit your figure or even leave them as they are. If you'd like to spend a bit more on the shirt then definately head down to Portmans as i've loved all the white shirts i've come across there.

Two main colours this season are black and purple. So i'd opt for a pinky-purple clutch instead of a pink/red one. You can down to your local Sportsgirl and get a pinky-purple clutch for $40. Her heels with the zips are also bang on trend for this season and they remind me of some short Balmain dresses that were on the runway. But the best part about these heels is that they can easily sex up a plain tee and jeans without trying too hard. I have no idea where you can get an exact replica of these heels but these ones from Zu can definately be a substitute for $150.

All you then need is to put your best face forward with a clean face and some makeup if you please and you're good to go. But no matter what happens, don't leave the house without some lipbalm/lipgloss on as you never know who's going to give you a PASH!

Now Kelly Rowland's new look here is certainly a great wardrobe builder. I can assure you that the last time i was in Cotton On i saw exactly those pants for $50!!! Can you imagine that?! You can also get a plain white tee from Cotton On or Supre. There's definately no need to break the bank for this ensemble. If green pants aren't your look, you could substitute for some black skinny jeans from Just Jeans. The jewellery is easily accessible courtesy of Diva Accessories. I would personally wear black skinnies with this ensemble and one of these three heels i'm lusting after from Peep Toe Shoes: Miss New York City, Miss New York City Tan or Miss Rock Chic.

My New Wardrobe

If you've been reading my blog then you'll know that i've decided to give my wardrobe a new start. It is always advisable that when building a new wardrobe, you should try and do it slowly as opposed to delegating just a few days to it. You need to start with the basic wardrobe essentials before moving to other items that wouldn't be worn as often. this is one of the reasons why i've put myself on a clothes shopping ban till May because that way i can decide on what things i want to get and also how i'm going to approach it. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity and in situations where i can afford a better quality, i tend to do just that.

But having said that...items like t-shirts, leggings and tank tops are things that i'm always ready to pay a cheap price for, except it's a vintage rock t-shirt but lets not even go down that road. I've decided to start a brand new wish list for all the items i'm interested in purchasing. Last night, i reluctantly ripped my wish list in pieces and started a new one. I'm taking inspirations from Thandie Newton and the Olsen twins. They always seem to have a way of personalising their outfits without looking like they've tried too hard or spent ages delibrating what accessory would best fit the ensemble. I've also continued reading 'Two Lipsticks And A Lover' and i was up till about 2am last night reading it. You'd have thought that as a university student i'd deligate my time more wisely. But from the few pages i read last night, i realised that it isn't really about what you're wearing or how much you spent on it but how you wear it....how you put it together and how you accessorise it. It could be just with a lipstick or even with killer heels.

Makeup Whores And Listeners

For all those makeup whores out there who havent heard the shinding yet...the collaboration between MAC and Hello Kitty has finally reached the shores. But if you happened to have ventured online to the MAC store, you'll realise that most of the products are actually sold out!!! Seriously, for a makeup whore like me this news is really heart breaking. But wipe your tears and make your way straight to e-bay as there are people selling off their MAC stash of Hello Kitty for a ridiculous devilish price. Talk about ripping people off during this recession. Anyways, i got the travel brush set and the makeup holder for a cool US$64...i have to say that's a pretty decent price especially since here in Oz it costs about $125! So, if you're patient enough and look hard on e-bay, i'm sure you can find yourself a nice bargain.

Now i have to wait patiently for my MAC purchase to arrive from the states. For those of you who are interested the three brushes in the set are the skunk brush, contour brush and shader brush. I think they're travel size brushes because from the pictures i've seen online, they seem to fit pretty well in the makeup holder.
Onto other issues...i had tutorials today for MGMT 102 'Communication in Business' and we had an active listening session and it showed how information can be distorted when passed on from one person to another. Things get exaggerated and important information tend to be lost when the details are passed on from one party to another. It's interesting the amount of non-academic things you can learn in a management class. Tutorials are finally becoming more interesting and now i'm hoping that i'll have a law module to take another semester..this is certainly a good arguing point.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Start

So, after my drama last week of looking for an ensemble to wear to my friend's do, i decided to give my wardrobe a look over to see exactly what i have. I do admit that i have quite a few clothes and the majority of them don't actually fit. Not only do i have lots of clothes in varying sizes, i don't have any ensemble that is appropriate for casual outings in the evening. My wardrobe is filled with t-shirts, leggings and two pairs of jeans; one of which isn't my size. Just imagine the irony: i happen to love fashion but my wardrobe doesn't do the job of satisfying my daily need of an outfit to wear. My wardrobe is meant to be the one place in the world that can transfer me to another planet of love, joy and excitement whenever i open it but what i get is 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!'

With the state of the economy in Australia and other countries around the world, i have to update my wardrobe on a student-friendly recession budget. This means spending on the items that i'll get the most wear out of and saving on those that wouldn't see daylight often. Items like tights, leggings and tank tops i always classify as false economy because no matter how cheap you purchase them for, they can always look good on you as far as you take care of them in the best way possible. For me, this usually means washing them by hand. I know most of you would cringe reading that i do handwash on most of my clothes but for me it means that they last much longer than they would if i chucked them in the washing machine.

But before i even decide to start going shopping, i need to choose the kind of look/style i'm trying to cultivate. I belive that what you wear on a daily basis is an outward expression of yourself. Think of it as a silent communication to the public about who you are and what you're about. So i've decided to put myself on a wardrobe shopping ban from now till the first week of May until i decide what kind of look i'm going for. I've always been interested in the parisian look and how chic they always seem to come across. I love how they pull off simple looks and make it come off very appealing.

I've always love Thandie Newton and the effortless manner in which she wears her clothes....whether its simple, sexy or funky. I think this is actually a good time for me as well to re-evaluate myself and my wardrobe because its my birthday in May as well. This would also give me a chance to finally finish reading 'Two Lipsticks And A Lover'. From now on, i would be blogging about the clothes i see that i love and also the items i'll be interested in purchasing. Where possible, i'll also blog about celebrity outfits and how you can get them for less.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Search Of Something Vague

The weekend's coming to an end and it's fair to say that it has been a pretty eventful 7 days. I've talked about procrastination and procrastinated in the process of actually writing the post and i can't wait to see how my habits are going to change for the coming week. For some weird reason, i'm actually looking forward to it. There's a possibility of me having 2 tests and i'm actually contemplating going to the 'contemporary' dance class after attending bellydance last week. By the way, i never knew bellydance was such hardwork until i was dripping with sweat....but enough of that.

I've made a few changes to the pictures in the blog which took me hours [i'm not really graphics savvy] but i think i've done a decent job. There hasn't really been much of a pattern to what i've been blogging on recently but if my thoughts carry on in the manner that they have for the past 24 hours, i think a pattern might emerge by the end of the week but don't hold your breath on that.

About the pictures i've put up, well...i guess they're meant to represent the state of my thoughts at the moment especially the one at the bottom of the page with the couple in a bathtub. I can promise that i'll never take a bathtub again for granted. On a normal day, it just seems like another piece of bathroom accessory but looking at it from different angles, it is actually a lot more than that. As i cannot guarantee the age of those reading this, i won't go into further details but i'm sure you understand where my thoughts are drifting to other than the idea of it being a basic necessity.

That thought continues with the photo headlining this post. I caught the train back to the Gong and it was interesting watching couples on the train. They all varied in age from 16 year old lovers to aged couples with walking sticks and twinkles in their eyes. It made me wonder how people get attracted to each other, court and keep the relationship going. You hear of people getting together just as often as you hear of people breaking up but no one talks about what goes on in-between.
For someone like me, i have to say that i fall into the category of girls with no idea of how to handle the opposite sex. I know that i can be difficult, stubborn and strong headed but for me it's not usually about playing hard to get, it's about not settling for someone that doesn't catch my eye. This usually means that if a guy is interested and i happen not to be, i never really give them a chance to show me who they really are. One of the reasons is that if i happen to give them that chance, it sort of turns into emotional blackmail. You know....'you feel bad that they're really nice and sweet so you give them a chance anyway eventhough you already know its not going to work'.
Looking at relationships and interactions from another angle, we live in a time where males and females are treated and assumed to be equals. Does this mean that girls should be just as forward as the guys are when interested in someone? Would you ask a guy you fancied on a date? Or would you wait, hope and pray that he realises you fancy him and ask you out? What exactly is the new rule of the 21st century? Is it just a game of chance and luck? Because if it is, then i have lost in every possible aspect of it.
All the guys i've ever been interested in have never really felt the same towards me nor given it a try by going on a date; all the guys who've been interested in me, i've never felt the same towards. Although i do admit that i've given some a chance to woo me by being their friends but it just confirmed how uninterested i was. In retrospect, all this means that i've never been on a date and if this continues then i might just be on my way to permanent singledom. Seeing those words on my screen right now just sends shivers down my spine!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reunions And Birthdays

Let me start by saying this: i admit that sometimes i can be an unnecessary drama queen. This unnecessary drama just seems to pop up whenever it feels like it. At the moment, i'll be off to see a friend during the weekend. I haven't seen her in 5 years so ideally i should be excited that i'm going to see her and also accompany her to her friend's birthday party. But instead, i'm busy worrying about how she's going to react when she sees me. The last time we saw each other, i was a size 8 bordering on a 10. But after falling ill, i've shot up to a size 16 and this is something that i've been having difficulties accepting as whenever i think of it or come across a mirror, i feel down about the whole thing.

Now, i'm not only worrying about her reaction: silent or vocal; i'm also worrying about what to wear to her friend's birthday. I hardly ever go out these days because i hate the idea of having to put on an ensemble to go somewhere except from lectures or food shopping. The only kind of shopping that excites me these days are the ones involving makeup. Apart from that, i've lost interest in one of the things that used to make me happy in the past. But now, i'm confronted with my biggest fear; looking for an ensemble to wear to a party with a large crowd and also seeing my friend.

I've been thinking for about 2 weeks now what sort of outfit would most flatter my body whilst dealing with my pot belly and chunky arms. For me, a mini skirt is a no-go zone because i feel like i've got drumstick thighs and legs. I've thought of wearing a LBD...infact i happen to own one and i loved the silhouette it gave me but felt really conscious about my arms being exposed as i've got visible stretch marks on them. The same goes for my back as well so there's no backless top or dress coming into the picture. I've been looking at pictures of celebrities wearing ensembles i like but i'm finding it difficult to decide what to wear. I need to go do some last minute shopping on thursday afternoon so i guess i have to decide by tomorrow evening so i know what shops to check out. Basically, i'm looking for something that's classy but still sexy enough to wear to a club. Here are some pictures i've been looking at... I love what Nicole Ritchie is wearing here because its basically leggings with a long vest and a blazer over it. If i can find a vest with sleeves and a low neck, this would be perfect for me as it would disguise my main problem areas whilst looking sexy.

Jessica Szohr's ensemble here is perfect for me because it is casual, laid back and also something that i can wear on a daily basis by just buttoning the shirt a bit more. My only concern here is that it won't be hiding my tummy and that i don't have the quirky vibe to pull it off.

This is yet another PERFECT choice for me. Alicia Keys' outfit pretty much ticks all the boxes for me as it covers the arms and skims over the tummy whilst showing some cleavage. The only problem now would be finding a top that can make it work just like this. I happen to be one of those people who absolutely love anything Whitney Port wears. Just looking at this ensemble, it feels like she didn't even make an effort and she's sexy without trying. So how would my legs look in that skirt? Maybe a slightly longer version?
Hilary Duff's outfit is a bit similar to Whitney's but i guess it solves the issue of worrying about my thighs as i could just wear tights to cover them up. But anyone who's ever read Fashion Critic's blog would know that it is very easy to go wrong with tights.

Ok, i have to admit that i don't think i can pull off Victoria Beckham's ensemble here. She looks so chic and it just reminds me of thos wet-look-leather style leggings that are currently been sold in shops at Sportsgirl. Maybe i should drop in and try it on?

Please feel free to comment on what i should wear as your ideas are most welcome. Just incase you're imagining what i look like...think of a 5"6 version of Jennifer Hudson and slightly smaller boobs and you've hit the jackpot!

These are the sites i got the pictures from: Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture.

Good day Bad Day

So after my post on procrastination yesterday, i figured i'd start Tuesday on a good not. I managed to get into bed at 11.15pm having sacrificed working out as that was the only way i could actually get to sleep early. I woke up at 6.40am this morning and i have to say i'm very proud of myself as this isn't something i usually do except there's a very good reason why i have to wake up this early.....like an 8.30am lecture.

Everything was going smoothly; i even managed to put on the majority of my makeup before catching the bus to uni. The only thing i did on the bus was to put on my mascara which i have to say is a very dangerous act as you could easily poke your eye out with the mascara wand....so not cool. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until 10.30am when i started feeling really sleepy in my lecture. That was a bad sign and i was hoping that by the end of the lecture i'd feel better. But at about 2pm, the sleepy feeling came again and i seriously ended up having to go home and catch some shut eye as i was really tired. Just imagine my disappointment; i'd started the day on a good note but ended up having to sleep half way.

I guess i'm trying to put my time management skills to test as i've been lagging behind on my to-do list. I actually havent written one today. Instead, i've opted to writing specific things that need to be done in my diary so that when i open it in the morning, i'm aware of the most important tasks that need to be done without a long list of items that need to be crossed out. I'm also contemplating taking Vitamin B supplements as i hear they keep you awake. I hope tomorrow is a much better day for me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Procrastination And Bad Time Management

I have to admit that i'm a victim of both issues. Not only do i procrastinate on a normal day, i also procrastinate on my to-do lists. Talk about a double whammy. It's sort of mysterious how it always gets to me. I start my week planning to be very good...'go to bed at 11pm so i can get 7.30 hours of sleep, attend all my lectures, do all my tutorials during the weekend so i have the whole week to study'. Guess what? It never seems to happen that way!!! I always manage to go to bed really late at about 2am in the morning and seem to wake up just a few minutes before i need to get ready to catch the bus to uni.

I'm always the one running to the bus stop with my mascara, textbooks and cardigan in hand while my shoulder bag is half open and almost spilling its contents out. So how does this manage to actually happen? I know my timetable for every week and all the details have been included in bold colours so i can see them from afar and also identify what colour means what. I also know how much work i need to put into my studying and also my personal grooming. But it never does seem to work. I've even perfected the art of making lists with high priority issues and others that are not so important. I always manage to get distracted, sleep late and wake up late, i even end up missing tutes sometimes because i havent had enough time to do the allocated assignment.

One of my favourite sayings used to be 'i wish there were 28 hours in a day!.' But now, i'm beginning to think that even if our days were actually longer than 24 hours, i'll still not be able to manage my time properly. And its like the older i get, the worse it is. So what IS the problem? And how can it be managed?

Since it's the beginning of a new week, i figured i'd leave you all with this thought and see how your week goes. I already procrastinated with my series of French Chic [well, since i didn't do much studying last week i obviously didn't get round to completing the book either]. For those who are good at time management, please feel free to comment on this hopefully including your tips on the issue. You could also send me an e-mail if you choose to!

Have a good week everyone :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick Note

Hi guys, i'm sure you've noticed that i havent put up anything for my 'french chic' series today. That's because i've been a bit tied up with the stress of uni as i commute daily. Hence, i havent really had time to continue with the research.

But i'll be up and running again soon. Thanks for understanding :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

French Chic: Skincare

So this is the beginning of my french series for this week. I just started reading the book 'Two Lipsticks and a Lover' and i have to say it is quite interesting and engaging and i absolutely love how it is written. but the most important thing is that it is about french women and their way of life. You can purchase it either from the UK, US or even here in Australia. I would like to point out that the US version is actually called 'All You Need To Be Impossibly French'.

The very first thing i picked up is that you have to take care of your skin religiously. I first realised this after a french girl i met years ago, Charlotte, raved about her skincare regime and investing time daily to take care of her skin. Before meeting her, all i knew was washing your face with soap and slapping some body lotion on to stop your skin looking dry. But i have to say that after i met her, things changed for me in regards to my skincare. I'm still not as diligent as her - i still fall asleep sometimes in my makeup - but i can definately say that i have come a long way since my pre-Charlotte days.

So i was very excited when i read in the book that you have to relgiously take care of your skin. The main things that are noted in the book are these:

You need to have a daytime moisturiser with SPF and a separate night time
moisturiser. A makeup remover, face wash, toner and eye cream

I have to say i'm not really an eye cream person eventhough i've got my fair share of dark circles so that's definately something that i plan on investing on in the future. From now on, i'm also going to try and cleanse and moisturise my skin day and night. At the moment, i tend to just do it once a day when i have a shower in the morning but it'll be interesting to see how this would have an effect on my skin. It is usually advised that you should wait 28 days before expecting to see a noticable change in how your skin looks and feels so the countdown for this starts tomorrow.

Later this week or next week, i'll be blogging about the skincare products i use for those who might be interested. I'll also comment on the change (if any) in my skin after 28 days.

Monday, March 9, 2009

In Search Of My Inner Parisian

This week, i'll be talking about my search of the inner french woman in me. I'll try to chronicle everything i'll be doing in as much detail as possible and also where i'm getting my ideas from. I'll also be giving tips (if there are any). So check back in the evening to see how i'm going.

Misunderstood: More Complicated With Age

Today, i've felt as many emotions as i could possibly feel and i've also been bombarded with various versions of men/guys just from one person. It has just been proven to me that relationships get complicated with age. As the old saying goes 'experience is the best teacher'.

Let me start by saying that i'm not old. I'm just in my early twenties but i've actually never been in a real relationship. I've only been asked out by three guys in my entire life and it never amounted to anything special. I haven't even been on an actual date, neither am i good at having conversations that lead to sparks with the opposite sex. At the rate i'm going in life, i'll either end up joining a convent or end up never being in a relationship.

I'm sure you're wondering why i'm talking about all this. Well, guy number 3 asked me out about 2 weeks ago after saying to me that he LOVED me after our second encounter. Being that i wasn't attracted to him in the slightest sense of the word, i chose not to go on a 'beach walk' with him and told him i wasn't really interested in a relationship with him. My motto is to always be as honest as possible when it comes to guys and relationships and that's exactly what i did with him. Fastforward to today, and i've been made out to be the worst bitch on the planet! Now, i'm usually not one to get hurt easily but this certainly hurt my feelings as i went out of my way to be nice when saying 'NO' everyday he insisted i be his girlfriend or come over to his house to pay him a visit.

Since when did honesty and sincerity become a crime in the world? I've pretty much being accused of being a bitch, snub, racist to my own kind and every other thing imaginable just because i said i'm not attracted to him so not interested in a relationship. I have never felt so confused and emotionally abused in my entire 20-something years on earth. Maybe the aliens should just invade out planet then life might be a bit easier as we already know they are aliens.

How would you feel if a guy told you to name the price in which it would cost for you to agree to come over to his place and get a little bit busy when you're both not in a relationship and when you aren't a prostitute? I would really like some comments and answers on this one so feel free to share your opinions on the situation with me. Now i feel like as much as i might like someone or be honest about how i feel, i'll always get misunderstood and insulted for it. As they say, LIFE IS A BIATCH!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rantings Over Concession Cards

So here i am, sat at the Student Administration office hoping that i can get a concession sticker on my student ID only to be told a big fat NO! It is sooooo freaking unfair that national students and those international students being assisted by the government can get a concession sticker but international students who actually pay the full fees can't.

The person who created this rule must have been asleep at the time because it is just plain retarded! I mean, i pay more fees than the average national university student so i believe that i should be entitled to the same rights that they're entitled to. All i can think of right now is screaming RETARDS at the top of my voice to those people who made the rule. Talk about freaking injustice! So now, for every single trip i take, i have to pay $3.20 to go to uni. And then i have to pay the same back.

Some people might think this is nothing. But as a student, on a student budget, who's got classes pretty much every day of the week, it certainly does add up. I mean, you're looking at an average of $32 per week just spent on bus fares alone. I guarantee you if i saved that amount of money weekly, i could buy myself something decent or even purchase some shares for my future. That is, whilst ignoring the current state of the economy. As a matter of fact, i don't even want to go into that conversation at all because at the moment i'm effing pissed off!!!

Anyways, i'm off to go sulk about the situation and spend money buying more TEXTBOOKS before i head off to lectures. Hopefully i'll be calmer towards the evening and we can talk about something more heartwarming.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Month, New Uni!

First days tend to be very daunting. Your first day at work, first day at a new school or even your first day being on a date or in a relationship. Ok, i admit i wouldn't know what it feels like to have gone on a date or been in a relationship as i haven't experienced wither of them.
But today was my first day being an official student of the University of Wollongong. I had my first lecture today and i have to say it was a pretty daunting experience for me. I went to lectures today hoping to make a few friends and i'm sure there were other people there who felt the same way i did. being that i live off-campus, my chances of making new friends pretty much revolve around being in class. Most of the people at lectures today stuck to their own little groups and you could tell that they were a bit protective of outsiders joining their new formed gang. It just reminded me of secondary school; you know how you cant be part of a gang except you all 'click'.
Well, there's the cool gang, the 'pretty people' gang, the 'fat people' gang, the 'skinny people' gang, the geek gang....the list goes on and on. There's even the 'halls of residence' gang and it tends to be difficult to break into any of these gangs especially if you happen to be a shy person like me. I tend to get a little frightened when it comes to making new friends especially amongst crowds. In my head, i already have the game plan down to the T but in reality i just freeze up and imagine them absolutely ignoring me and just saying the 'snooty hi!'.