Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Need To Get My Brows In Shape

Happy February everyone. I pretty much slacked all through January in relation to working on myself and this month that's pretty much the only goal i have. I go back to uni on the 28th of February so i pretty much have the whole of this month to do all the things i possibly can before the new semester comes in tow with a huge amount of work load. It'll be my final semester as an undergraduate (yay!) and i'm already looking forward to doing something new for my Masters. I'm one of those people who can't take a break from uni because it's quite difficult for me to get back into the groove of things.

I must say that i've enjoyed this holiday but i do miss the stimulating aspect of trying to learn something i don't know and fighting with my tutorial questions. I know when uni starts there will be some whining and ranting but overall i'm sure i'll enjoy it. Looking back at the last 4 semesters i've had at UOW, i've realised that i haven't maximised it as much as i possibly could. Well, i do have this coming semester and possibly the next 2 years to make up for that because i'm planning on continuing here with my Masters.

My hope for this coming semester is to make some new friends within my degree specialty and also just new friends in general. I believe that i cannot be overeducated! I might be wrong, but it's the philosophy that i've been brought up with and how my immediate family lives. My Mum is beyond addicted to studying! She only took a few years off from uni when she gave birth to me and she's been in uni since i can remember. She always has a new course that she wants to study and i'm always motivated by the excitement she gets from studying for something new. Even as young as she is (she's almost 49!) she's already written a research proposal for a PhD that she wants to do.

She passed her addiction to everyone in her family and also to me; i wonder if we could all collectively put our degrees together and sort of build an education tree just like you'd build a family tree.

Anyway, back to some light hearted stuff! I suck at defining my eyebrows; i barely keep up with shaping them but this month i'm going to push myself to do it. I need to stop slacking and make more of an effort with it so i don't have to visit the Shu Uemura counter often!

What are your plans for this month? I know Valentine's day is around the corner; everyone around me keeps talking about it and wondering what to get their other half. I, on the other hand, can't be bothered. I've never celebrated Valentine's day in my entire life, i've never gotten a gift either. And i'm sure if someone wanted to give me one in the past, they would have considered a book as the most important thing...ha! 

So while others are worrying about Valentine's day, i'll be worrying about getting my sleeping pattern in order before uni resumes. Yesterday i finally fell asleep sometime after 9.30am and woke up at 12.47pm. Yes, i checked the time when i woke up. I did have a nap later in the afternoon though. I'm typing this post now because i got tired of laying in bed doing nothing as i still can't sleep; if you're wondering what the time is here, it's 4.59am. Off to go drink a glass of warm milk!


  1. I am so with you with the Brow thing! I am horrible at it. Glad I am not the only one!!


  2. Hahaha, we are such partners in crime :)



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