Sunday, May 15, 2011

One by One

The bulbs in my apartment are dying off one at a time. As i type this, all the lights in the kitchen are out and i cook with the light on the hood. Last night unfortunately, the one in my room went off as well; i was living off just one as the other three went out. But now, its all dark except from the light coming from my laptop screen. I can't even imagine the amount of times i've called the real estate asking them to send someone over to fix all the lights. I would have fixed them myself, but unfortunately i can't. 

Whosoever designed the fixtures for the lights doesn't like me at all. I can see so much wiring from where i stand; and what the bulbs attach to is so tight and fixed in too deep that i can't reach it properly. A runny nose and several tries later, i've given up. So, i have to wait until Monday to make another call (and possibly go to their office if i'm feeling any better) to see if someone can come fix it ASAP

I'm lucky that i love turning off my room lights at night. The only problem now is i have to do all my studying in the living room, with the TV as a major distraction (not like there's anything fun on free TV). Maybe this will help me plan my time better and go to bed earlier

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