Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Drowning...

Drowning in my mind's eye
Drowning in my emotions and everything surrounding me
I'm trying so hard to swim but it feels like i'm going against the tide
Everything seems like such a hassle and demands so much energy
It's like everything's slowly been washed away

I want to run away
Far away from it all
Right to the end of the earth with only a book and my glasses for company
Where i can get away from it all and calm my mind and unravel my thoughts
Breathe in some fresh air...

I feel the need to spring clean my life and surroundings
A bid to starting afresh as a means of creating some much needed balance...
Adopt the mantra of less being more
But where's the time for that?
How do i carve out this much needed time when i already feel short of time?

While i try to figure it out, i have to face the reality of today...
...and the weeks ahead...
Textbooks, application forms, presentations and exams

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