Friday, April 9, 2010

Hunter Carnaby Tall Wellington Boots

Remember the Jimmy Choo wellies i blogged about in December? Well, i have no intention of buying them because they're about AUD$600! As much as i think they're pretty cool, i'm not one to wear wellies in the first place so spending that amount on them is bonkers! But as we seem to have a bit of the great British weather here in NSW, Australia, it might be a very good idea for me to invest in a pair of wellies at some point and that's where these Hunter Carnaby wellies come into play. At 139 pounds, i think it is a great replacement financially and style-wise for the Jimmy Choo version as i've always hated the look of plain rubber. This one does mimick the snake skin and i must admit i can picture myself wearing this with a blazer or parka on a rainy day in Spring! Need i say more, click here to get yourself a pair!


  1. I love these wellies too! I've seen them on quite a few websites for £139 but have been shopping around to find them a little cheaper! They were on for £114.95, here is the link...

    Make sure you post some pictures if you get them! Would love to see you wearing them :D

  2. Hi Hannah

    Thanks so much for the link. Their shipping cost to Australia seems like it might be good if i'm getting more than one pair of boots. But if i get them i'll definitely post pictures

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hermine, xo


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