Thursday, April 8, 2010

Je Ne Sais Quoi...

I spent the most part of yesterday and today studying as we're currently in the recess week and when i get back to uni, i've got 2 tests in the same week and i need to be prepped for them. But i had to take an hour break from studying to refresh and i spent 20 minutes doodling the above picture! What do you think of it and what's your best part? My favourite is definitely the eiffel tower! There's just something about the eiffel tower that usually pulls me in and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe it's just about the idea of France and Paris and how much i'd love to go there and go wine tasting in Bordeaux, spend summer in Montpellier and winter in Paris. Oh, i almost forgot to mention shopping in Paris as well. Just thinking about it is making me get all gooey over here so i'm going to stop. Have a nice day ^_^


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