Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can't Wait...

...for this week to be over. My final assessment for the week is a presentation i have tomorrow at 12.30pm. I’d be lying to you if i said i’m not a bit nervous about it. It’s worth a total of 30% of my final grade and along with it an essay. Luckily it is a group project and i have a great group. We all know what we’re doing and this means that i don’t have to worry about a group member flopping during the presentation because that would reflect on us as a whole.

But before i continue rambling, i just want to say a quick thank you to my new subscribers. I’ve noticed that i picked a few people up during my absence and i must say i really appreciate it. Thanks to those of you that keep coming back to read all my ramblings.

I’m looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend and not having much to do. Next week marks week 12 according to the uni calendar which means we are one week shy of last lectures. I have an essay due next week Friday and a test on Tuesday. After those, its straight on to hardcore revisions as my first exam is on the 6th of November. I can already smell the end of this semester and although it has been very stressful, i’m happy with the way things have gone so far.

I’m currently craving sushi and a short hair cut. Let’s start with the sushi bit. I’m currently living in an apartment with others and i’m the only non-Vietnamese person here. The minute i mentioned my craving for sushi, my flatmate decided that homemade sushi was the answer to all my sushi problems. And you bet it was! I don’t think i’ve consumed so much wasabi in my entire life. We made salmon sushi twice in a row and i learnt that by eating some marinated ginger, you can counteract the burning effect you get behind your nose from excess wasabi. But currently, what i really want is teriyaki chicken sushi. I must admit that the best i’ve had in Australia was actually in Brisbane at the city mall and it had Krispy Kreme pretty close by to it. Every time my friend and I went to Brisbane, we always ate sushi and bought some more for the next day. I think i’m going to attempt making some sushi when the summer break kicks in. For me, that’s usually the best time to experiment with recipes as i have all the time in the world to be patient with what i’m doing.

Well, i've taken too long a break from getting ready for my presentation. Tomorrow, i'll tell you all about my current need for all things hair. Have a good day bloggers J

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