Friday, October 8, 2010

Grateful Friday

* I'm grateful that i've survived this week. With all the stress of uni, headaches and lack of sleep, i still managed to pull through without any tantrums whatsoever. I had 2 tests on Tuesday and 2 tests this morning and i'm glad to say they went well. My eyes are heavy from all the stress of reading so i'm definitely going to bed early tonight. Next week is going to be another long one as i have a test on Monday and Tuesday; then an essay due Wednesday and a presentation on Friday

* I'm grateful for the gift of life. The fact that i'm still alive is enough reason for me to give thanks to God. Our family friend passes away just a few weeks ago and even though he's in his 60s, he'll be very much missed as he was a very kind man. I remember growing up in the compound where we lived and me watching all his kids playing around and fighting. The fact that i'm still alive means there's more opportunities ahead for me. Every day brings more opportunities to grow, to be better and to do better.

* I'm grateful for the gift of gratitude. Before i started saying things i was grateful for on a daily basis, i used to take for granted the little things that happened in my day and shaped my whole day. Taking time out everyday to remember what i'm grateful for has enabled me to be more positive towards things no matter how terrible the previous day was.

* I'm grateful for good grades. I haven't had my scorecard look this good before; especially not before exams and not as a whole in regards to the subjects i'm doing in a semester. Usually i tend to have one subject where i tower above my other subject grades but this semester, i'm really grateful for the fact that they're all good. It means my hard work is paying off. Now my dad would not have a reason to ask me why i tend to focus more on one subject :) And by the grace of God, it would still look this good after my final exams

What are you grateful for?


  1. im grateful for the love and support of my parents. especially my muma, shes my idol.

    and im grateful for this hidden little world of blogging! so many little gem blogs out here aka yours.

    xoxo avs

  2. Aww, thanks Avs. You're a gem ;)

    xoxo Hermine


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