Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green Thumb?

These days, i've been having a weird interest for luxurious self sufficient living. I know! You usually don't hear those words used together in the same sentence. But i've been wondering if this is actually possible in some sense. For a while i've been dabbling at making a few things from scratch. I've tried making a simple hair moisturiser and a leave-in conditioner; both of which i liked. And since i'm still figuring out what i really want to do with my life - my passion, what drives me, bla bla bla - i've been trying to focus on the few things that catch my attention when they do and giving them an attempt to see if it's an interest i want to pursue in the future.

After my temporary dab in the hair care world, i definitely know that when i have kids, i want to be a complete DIYer! I already know how to braid my own hair even though i'm extremely impatient about it, and i've started learning to care for my hair as well. Thanks to a few great blogs online and my friend putting herself up as my practice head {she hates doing her own hair}, i'm getting good at it. And i know that the more i keep trying, the more skilled i'll become with it and the more confident i'll get. My current interests are in soap making! With exams just around the corner, i have no idea if or when i'll give this a go. Maybe summer? I need to find a DIY book on it first and see if it's a costly experiment or not

Happy weekend :)

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