Monday, October 18, 2010

Hair Story

Sorry it took me a while, but i’ve finally had the chance to post about my hair issues. I keep going back and forth on what i want to do to my hair for summer. I know getting a hair colour is definitely not an option because i’m trying to reduce the amount of chemical processes i put my hair through. My hair is currently chemically straightened and i think that’s already enough chemicals for now. Especially with the fact that i keep hearing horror stories of how people have had their scalps burnt due to improper application and skin sensitivity/ irritation.

I know i’m a bit of a hair dye addict so if i want to pursue that venture, i need to consider letting go of chemical hair straighteners. The only problem is that i have a very curly hair that i’m not used to dealing with on my own. I’ve had my hair natural for 3 years and prior to that for 7 years. But during these periods, i’ve always had my hair braided because it’s been difficult for me to handle all the detangling and combing on my own which used to lead to headaches. The longest i’ve had my hair was while it was still natural and it was up to the middle of my back.

I’ve been contemplating either going to a professional to get my hair chemically straightened or giving it up completely and just letting it grow out natural. The problem with the professional side is that these stylists here aren’t necessarily up to par in my books. They don’t meet the standard that i’m used to while i lived in England. I actually tried going natural last year and i survived 9 months before i gave up and had my hair chemically straightened. This month would make it the 4th month since i haven’t had my hair straightened; but that’s because i’ve got extensions in which means i don’t have to deal with the two textures on my head.

Extensions is looking like a pretty good option for summer right now. But like everything else, it has an annoying catch. The person who does it really well without giving me a disastrous headache lives all the way in Liverpool! I’m not one for travelling long distances just to sit down and get my hair done. It absolutely irritates me. But for now, i have my upcoming exams to focus on. After that, i’ll worry about my hair; but don’t worry much as i’ll keep you guys updated J

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