Friday, November 5, 2010

Very Summery

It's very rare for me to feature Jennifer Garner as an outfit inspiration cause she tends to wear trainers a lot and that's something that i don't like doing. But when i saw this picture of her, i immediately thought 'calm and collected summer'. Anyone who knows me would tell you i run away from shorts and mini skirts because i feel shy and awkward about showing my legs during the day, and i hate shaving my legs. But i think these loose casual pants make a good substitute for jeans during the hot summer days of Australia don't you think? I could easily pair this with a tank top or a short sleeve tee; finish off with a nice pedicure and thongs {flip flops}. Now can someone tell me where i can find something similar? A darker shade would be much appreciated.

On another note, my first exam is tomorrow morning at 9am, do wish me luck bloggers :)

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