Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sigh Of Relief

Phew! Exams are finally over and i must say it is such a relief! I'm so glad that i survived this semester which has been the hardest so far since i've been in Australia. I was so tired after my exams yesterday and when i got home, all i wanted to do was sleep. But i knew that had to take a back seat because the next important thing was to find a place to live as soon as humanly possible. We had 4 different viewing yesterday, of which i attended 2. There was one we were really hoping to get and so we just applied on the spot. We had 2 more viewing today which were very disappointing. In the midst of us grumbling about our disappointment at how the place looked, we got a call saying we've been offered one of the places we viewed yesterday. I cannot begin to tell you how excited i was and still am. This means no more annoying viewings, scanning and photocopying documents, hoping that you can beat someone else to the place. Now it is all about finding as many cheap stuff as possible and this includes a trip to two second hand shops tomorrow to see what they have to offer.

I'm secretly wishing that the other place we really liked calls us tomorrow morning to say we got the place. That would mean that we actually have a choice of two places, but if that doesn't happen, it's ok as the one we've been offered is pretty good.

On another note, we scored a pretty good deal on a christmas tree today. Anyone who knows me in person would tell you that i've been drumming about owning a christmas tree for too long now. Even the boy has gotten sick of hearing it and just told me to get a tree already! Well, today we saw a pretty white christmas tree at Myer but it was really expensive. That was before we found out that there was a much smaller size of the same tree at a more reasonable price. But it doesn't end there, there was a 30% offer off all christmas items if you purchase 3 or more items from the christmas section. Of course, we got ourselves a tree and 2 small bells that are meant to decorate the tree. We plan on sticking these on our door; so anytime someone opens our room door, there would be a little announcement in the form of bells! How childish right? Well, i don't care, i was just really excited. Anyway, the entire haul cost us $69!!!!!

I'll definitely keep you guys updated on all the occurences as we go through moving into the new place. Happy Thursday people :)

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  1. Aww yay! U finally got ur tree!! anyway...11-ish sound gud for tuesday? txt me or fb me barbie!


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