Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Do It

For as long as i can remember, procrastination has always been my thing. I always seem to wait till the last minute before i start something. Even on the occasions i try to start early, i always feel crippled and incapable of completing the task if there's no pressure around the corner. I guess the fact that i've always done well under these pressures meant that i didn't put much effort into facing my procrastinating demons.
But recently, things have changed, albeit at a slow pace. I'm getting much better at doing things earlier instead of waiting till the last minute for that pressure to set in and get me going. I usually start by writing a list of all the things that needs to get done and the deadlines i have for them. In regards to university assessments like reports, i draw up a plan/ draft of how i want to structure my work. With the basic footprint in hand, i simply dive straight in and get on with it.

Previously, i'd take a while to think it through and psycho-analyse it to see if it's possible or not. But i noticed that this habit led me to procrastinate even more. By going ahead without giving it too much thought, it makes me work through it. It was quite difficult at first and some days it still is, but then, i'm a work in progress

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