Monday, June 27, 2011

My Thoughts on Stevia

I usually use low GI raw cane sugar when i need to add sugar into things like tea, custard and porridge. But recently, i've been contemplating switching from sugar to something with an even lower GI count. This is mainly because i have PCOS and Syndrome X so it's always better to consume things that wouldn't be making my insulin resistance worse. For those who know anything about Syndrome X, you'll know that insulin resistance makes it more difficult for you to shed any weight and that the carbohydrate you consume is mainly turned into fat. But if you follow a low GI eating plan, you're more likely to be less insulin resistant without the need of medication.

My doctor mentioned that Stevia doesn't have any GI value at all so it'll be a good substitute for sugar. With that in mind, i was quite excited when i went to Woolworths to purchase the stevia brand pictured above. My excitement was soon cut short when i tried it with tea. All i can say is that it had a really sharp taste that made my tea taste so bad i had to pour it down the sink.

Don't get me wrong, it did have the sweet taste of sugar but it was accompanied by a sharp bitter taste. I already feel like i've wasted my money purchasing this but i refuse to give up any hope. 

Does anyone know anything that's like stevia out there but doesn't have the same sharp bitter taste? I would hate to give up my search so quickly and return to sugar. I'm looking for something that has 0mg of carbohydrates and fat as recommended by the doctor, thanks.
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  1. I immediately thought of other sweeteners but according to my mother, we stopped using artificial sweeteners because it can lead to palpitations...but I'll keep my eyes peeled ^^

  2. We have a Stevia based product here in the states called Truvia. It tastes good (nothing tastes as good as sugar or honey with tea) but you can tell it's not the real thing. Maybe you could try finding Truvia or a similar product where you live.

  3. Cookie did you just say palpitations? What? I'm not ready for that yet

    Adrienne i'll keep a look out for Truvia or something similar, thanks a lot

    xoxo Hermine


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