Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pale Skin: A Love Affair

For those of you who are unaware, i have a thing for seriously pale skinned girls. I think it might be because in my first year in England, i lived with a girl for a few weeks who was quite obsessed with fake tan. I never understood why people talked about girls looking orange until i met her. Due to that experience, i dislike the smell of fake tan and my love for pale skinned girls just grows stronger and stronger. 
For some reason, i love how Emily Browning almost looks ghostly in these pictures. But i have to say, i'm not quite sure of her outfit. I don't understand what that bag is doing there, even though she was at the LV show. I really like how her hair looks at that length on her facial structure. We do have a similar facial structure and my hair is only a few inches longer so i'm tempted to pull out the hair straighteners and give it a bit of a work out. But i've been working out often and i'm not sure that straightening my hair at the moment is a good idea because i'm just going to sweat it out; and my roots would end up puffing up.
Here she is with Marc Jacobs and her main squeeze Max Irons

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