Thursday, March 4, 2010

Free Spanish Classes

Uni only just begun on Monday but i'm already feeling the pressure and rigeur of student life. I don't know if its because i only have 3 semesters left to go but i'm feeling the pressure to be a geek really quickly. Or maybe it's because every Monday during my 2-hour lecture i'll have 2 tests that make up 30% of my final grade and the tests start this coming Monday. But that's not the only subject i have a test for; i also have a weekly test for my Finance subject in tutorials and for another Management class we have to do role plays during tutorials that count towards student participation and make up 20% of my final grade. Luckily i only have that tute fortnightly which means i have roughly 6 classes to take. I would like to find the person who coined the phrase 'student participation' and give them a good knock on the head. Our lecturers are convinced that it is a good way to learn but i think it is a good way to make us buy the textbook because a 100+ students cannot compete for 4 copies of our textbook in the library that you have to read before the lectures; that is pretty much impossible except you plan on sleeping in front of the library doors everyday to beat the rush.
In my last post, i mentioned that i have to give up French so i can graduate in July. Well, my friend has actually offered to teach me Spanish for free every week till July when she graduates and all i need to do is buy the textbooks they use for Spanish in uni and learn it on my own. I know that i'm already pissed at the fact that i have to do tests every week but i'm going to try and fit this in as well because i've always wanted to learn languages and this is a good opportunity for me to learn Spanish because i never really had any plans on paying for Spanish classes in the first place; all i need to do now is decide if i want to take her up on the offer or not. Just to let you know how much of a rip off the books here at Unishop are, the Spanish language pack with cds cost about $120 while i can get the exact same textbook for $60 from Amazon including postage and packaging. Now you tell me, how crazy is that?
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