Friday, March 5, 2010

My New Personal Trainer

So, ummm...i have a personal trainer in the form of my gym addicted friend who also happens to be the same person teaching me Spanish. Yup! She is very much gym addicted, infact she's not too sure if she can live without one and for this semester she plans on going to the gym 6.30am every morning from Mondays to Friday. So who better to induct me into the world of torture than her right? Well, she has OFFERED to be my personal trainer for this semester. As a matter of fact, she's even more than happy to drive me to and fro the gym. I'm very worried, my butt is worried, my cellulite is worried, heck even my thighs are worried. I happen to have gym phobia eventhough i went to the gym quite often in UK. You see, when i see a treadmill i think of all things crushing. I have this fear that i will somehow manage to roll under the treadmill while i'm on it. It sounds like a joke right? No! It's not a joke at all; it happens to be a genuine fear and while i was in UK, i always had Adam standing next to me and coercing me and even distracting my attention from the fact that i'm on a treadmill. Plus he was cute, had the cutest smile and a deep-ish voice so that was enough to quiet the phobia in me. Did i also mention that he used to do stretches with me? *coughs*

I figured it was about time i started going to the gym again because none of my fitness dvds have helped shift the pounds eventhough they're pretty good in my opinion. So my personal trainer let me have this week off because torture starts on Monday the 8th of March! I just had to say the date so it could register properly in my brain! I'm scared, i'm real scared but then she's pretty fit so that should be a motivation for me right? Stick around and you'll hear all about it and much more next week! Have a fantabulouso weekend!!! ^_^
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