Friday, March 26, 2010

Tayloring It

Despite all my attempts to dress age appropriate, i always manage to end up dressing up to 5 years older than i should be. As a friend put it: 'your conservative style is a bit on the older side, eventhough i'm 4 years older than you i couldn't imagine dressing in the same way as you as i feel it's too mature. Why don't you find a young version of conservative style?' I for one never knew my style was that conservative or oldish but now that i've been told, it's all i can think of. But i'm pretty sure what Taylor Swift is wearing here is very age appropriate non? I think at almost 23, i should still be able to pull it off, it's not pinky-puke cute that makes people look like they're trying to be children and end up getting carded wherever they go. Hence, this picture is going into my fashspiration archive so that when i finally get round to doing that makeover of mine, i'll have something to reference :)


  1. or maybe you should start using your clothes ~_~

  2. You should be congratulating me on my progress because i have, naughty naughty :)


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