Monday, March 1, 2010

No More French

For a while now, i've been very excited about starting French at uni today, especially as it is the first day back for this session. But all that excitement ended last night because i removed French from the subjects i enrolled. You see, Mum has been feeling pretty stressed about how far away i live from home (almost 2 days by flight) and the fact that if there was an emergency it would take an awful lot of time to get there. Also she hates flying, so the idea of her being in the sky for that long has been food for thought. I on the other hand i'm quite chuffed with the distance because it means i don't get suprise visits often! Well, after much conversations, i had to consider my mum because she isn't getting any younger and she's been talking to me about this for the whole of last year.

We both have a love affair with Canada eventhough neither of us have been there. I love the fact that is is a calmer version of USA and that it would allow me to visit another continent. But most importantly, two of my best friends live there so that is quite a compensation and motivation to consider applying to Canada for my masters degree. The same goes for my mum but with the added bonus that it is a bit closer to home in comparison to Australia and also much cheaper for her to get a flight ticket. So i've had to remove French from my enrolment subjects because it meant i would have graduated one semester later than necessary and all admissions to Canadian universities usually happen in late August or early September. But don't be alarmed because i'll still be graduating with 2 more subjects than i actually need and i will be applying to Australian universities for my masters just in case my mum changes her mind. Frankly i'd rather just stay here and finish my degrees and get a job but seeing that both Canada and Australia require a compulsory 1 year work experience before issuing a PR, i'm not going to lose anything for making a change.
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  1. I haven't left yet. Mum said she'd change her mind if i find a part time job. Which is why i need to look for one this semester


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