Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting My Act Together

Anytime i decide i want to scrub up my act, my thoughts immediately go to Jennifer Garner. You see, in most of the paparazzo pictures i've seen of her just hanging out with her family and friends, she tends to look a bit scruffy without a lick of makeup on. But when she goes on the red carpet, she always makes an effort and scrubs up nicely. Needless to say, i have no red carpet in my life and i have no real special occasions to glam up for...not like i even go anywhere in the first place. But what i do have, is the opportunity to make an effort with how i look everyday because how you look and present yourself physically influences the first impressions you make. I know that i'm not going to be doing any serious makeovers with myself because i am broke and would probably be till the end of the year. But what i can do - and this requires little or no financial effort - is to consistently look 'on point'. By looking 'on point' [a phrase my friend and i, use to describe people that always look well manicured and presentable] i mean consistently making an effort with your appearance instead of always doing it once in a while.
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