Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Semester

So, today marks the beginning of a new semester for me and to start off on a good note, i woke up at 6.30am. For some of you, that might be regular but for me it isn't because i'm more of a night crawler. So i tend to actually go to bed just before the sun rises and wake up when i need to. Last semester, i actually used to wake up just 2 hours before my first class and that gave me enough time to scurry all my things together and head to uni in good time. But i promised myself that this semester i'll be a bit better. My plan is to try and wake up at about the same time everyday sans Sunday which is usually a good sleep in day for me. I'm also hoping that i'll be able to do all my workouts in the morning instead of just trying to fit it in sometime during the day. That way, i can just get it done with and enjoy the rest of my day instead of nagging myself about the fact that i haven't done a workout. I've got four new subjects this semester and i really have no idea of what to expect from my subjects. But i've got the first 2 today so do wish me luck, and if i'm not impressed with them you'll know all about it. A shout out to all the students out there resuming today as well. Buongiorno
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