Saturday, July 31, 2010

Temporarily Lost Interest

A few months back, i used to be a real sucker for magazines. I usually couldn't wait for the next edition of my favourite magazines to come out. The excitement of waiting was usually enough to drive me mad so i used to get a copy of my favourite magazines spaced out between each other. That way i have enough to keep me sane until its time for the next issue to come out. I always bought Shop Til You Drop, InStyle Australia, Better Homes & Gardens and on odd occasions Elle UK. But it's been months since i even batted an eyelash towards a new edition of my favourite magazines, i've simply lost interest. The buzz i used to get from picking up a new copy and getting creative ideas, looking at glossy pictures of air-brushed human beings that look almost perfect enough to be aliens on earth has simply died. Maybe its the recession, maybe its the fact that the things in the magazines never magically make their way to my closet, maybe its the fact that they are always on my wishlist and never seem to get cancelled. Or they've simply lost their ability to interest and excite me; nothing in my life has replaced that buzz i used to get from magazines. There's no saying that the feeling won't return, neither is there saying that it will. All i know is that my bank account is happier for the little extra change that gets to stay in my savings account. After all, i'm not getting paid to read the magazines and they're not directly related to my final grades. I saw the new editions of Shop Til You Drop and UK Glamour today and i couldn't even be bothered with flipping through the pages to see if there's anything worth looking at...
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