Monday, July 5, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for a very long time now and i absolutely love it because it is cheap and i can use it for lots and lots of things. I usually buy the Cornwell's brand which sets me about $3 back at my local Woolworths. I usually use it for my hair, face and underarms because it helps with fading out scars on my face and warding off ingrown hairs as well; i will definitely use it if i get another bikini wax to ward off those nasty ingrowns. On my hair, it sort of acts as a clarifying rinse to get rid of all the build up from using products and also helps to seal the cuticle, i usually use 50ml of ACV to every 1 litre of water and use it as a final rinse after i've washed and conditioned my hair. You can also use it for marinating chicken, beef and fish; and as a mix in your salad dressing. Personally, i've only added a few teaspoons to my homemade chicken marinade mix. But last night, i came across a random article online about using it to cleanse your insides of toxins and that it also aids in weight management. This to me makes sense because i remember back in 2007 when i was complaining to my dietitian about having difficulty losing weight, she sent me to this health food store in Loughborough that sold ACV tablets but i can't remember why i didn't buy it. But from this article i read last night and a few others, the actual ACV that has all the health benefits is actually not clear, it has more of a cloudy look to it so i'm going to assume that you'll probably have a better chance at finding this in a health food store than your regular Tesco, Sainsbury or Woolworths. Or maybe it might be in the same aisle you find maple syrup; i have no idea but i'm going to try finding an organic one and get back to you guys; and if anyone has used it please feel free to comment :)
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