Monday, December 13, 2010

Delish! return to the WWW has come with a minor glitch. For some unexplainable reason, the net is unbelievably slow. I can't even begin to come up with a sensible excuse for this occurrence. But i won't let that dampen my mood because my first meal for my flatmate's mum has gone off with a bang! Or should i say it went down well.

Anywhoo...halfway through eating, i realised that i didn't take any pictures of the meal. Very silly of me i know. I can't say i used a certain recipe because i'm known for my random acts when it comes to cooking. But for those who are a wee bit interested, i'll make it simple and tell you what i did. I've never made chicken with honey before so i kind of just winged it as i went along; if you happen to know an exact recipe for this let me know.

What i did:
I soaked the chicken in a mixture of water, maggi cube and dark soy sauce. I usually make sure the water covers the chicken because i like my chicken soft. I let it marinate for about an hour and poured out all the liquid from the marinade. I added a few teaspoons of grapeseed oil and honey to the chicken and just mixed it till all the pieces were coated. I grilled the chicken for about 40 minutes (at 160C) and turned it once halfway through
PS: i sprinkled a bit of salt and black pepper on each side while it was facing upwards

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  1. ah silly billy! i'm not the cooking type of gal, i normally end up burning things but when i have a delicious sounding recipe in front of me the i feel inclined to try! hope life is good :) xoxo avs


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