Thursday, December 16, 2010

Healthy Eyes

Had a trip to Specsavers today to have my eyes checked and i'm glad to say that my eyes are getting better. My astigmatism on my left eye has slowly corrected itself and my right eye which is short sighted is much much better now. Due to the prescription i got today, i actually don't need to get glasses for the mean time until i get my eyes checked again same time next year. But, the doc did say that i should consider using my lenses when i feel the pressure building on my eyes. So, i need to go look for frames at some point in the near future but there's no rush as i won't be needing it at the moment.

How has your Thursday been going? Mine's been pretty simple. Other than my eye appointment, i browsed the mall briefly before heading back home to do some research on possible ways to keep myself entertained over summer without having an impact on my wallet. I'm still enjoying catching up on the blogs i didn't have time to read while i didn't have any internet. I've been reading The Simply Luxurious Life over and over again to absorb some of her amazing posts that i missed. My favourite series for this week from her blog is 'why not...achieve your dreams'. Do head over to her blog and you won't be disappointed

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