Friday, December 24, 2010

Hi Lo

How's everyone doing? Ready for the celebrations yet? Well, Santa gave me an early present as my tooth has finished growing and its no longer sore! I'm looking forward to having a proper meal tonight and tomorrow because i can finally chew!!! I don't think i'm going to be having custard anytime soon because i'm already over it from consuming it so much. I guess by the time 2011 comes in, i'll have my complete set of 32 teeth. Yup, you read that right! The last one started growing this week and i can already see a little bit of it sticking out. I'm so grateful that it doesn't hurt as much as number 31 so i doubt i'll be having any complaints about it.

Due to my survival on liquid food over the last week or so, my fridge only had milk and eggs in it. Just seeing it so empty broke my heart so i went off to Woolies today to stock up on some broccoli, cauliflower and other chewable items that i can cook with all through next week. I've never shopped on Christmas eve before but today was a first for me. The aisles were really maniac with humans and trolleys everywhere you turn. It was almost like a traffic jam in some aisles with lots of people waiting to go through and others waiting to browse. I hope that's not me in a few years time.

My arms had a bit of a workout today because i bought quite a lot of things that were heavy and i had 2 bags to carry. I'm one of those people that only likes going food shopping 1-2 times per week. I can't stand going into Woolies anymore than that in a week because it makes me feel like i'm spending too much money. So i always try to make a food timetable and a list for about a week ahead so that everything i buy revolves around that. It also means that all the fresh items i buy like basil, kaffir lime and coriander leaves can be used up in time before they start dying on me.

As for Christmas, mine is going to be a really quiet one because there's nothing i like better than watching movies and drinking wine on Christmas day with just a few people around. What are your plans for Christmas?

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