Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Been A While

Hello blogosphere, it's been quite a while since i posted anything. Between attending classes, weekly assessments and looking for jobs i haven't had the motivation to do anything else. I have to say i do think i needed the break from blogging, i didn't want to blog whilst lacking motivation so i just focused all my time on uni and job hunting.

I've just finished researching for a presentation i have on Monday in relation to climate change and the Copenhagen talks. It's very rare for me to finish an assessment days before it's due because i work quite well under pressure. But because i've been bothered by a few other things going on, i've just done my best to stay occupied daily until i'm exhausted so there's no room for me to think about anything and get down in the process because i'm already heading in that direction and i'm doing my best to pull myself back.

You'll notice that i've made some changes with how the blog looks. I hope you guys like it. If you have any suggestions or anything you want to see, please let me know either in the comments section or via e-mail. I finally added pages to my blog, i can't believe it took me so long to figure out how to do lame of me.

I probably won't be back to blogging full time until next week; from then, i'll try to put up at least a post a week and depending on if i have much to talk about, more posts. Until then, i do hope you have a good week. I surely am looking forward to the weekend as i want to try and organise my room because it currently looks like i emptied a box of loose A4 sheets everywhere

Happy Wednesday blog-ites :)


  1. I LOVE the new look of your blog - very clean and fresh looking.
    So glad to see you're still hanging on to your blog, even though the more important parts of your life consume most of your time. Looking forward to more posts!

    xo, A


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