Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Welcome Break

As i type this, i'm having home made hot cocoa. I'm yet to find a whipped cream that is diary or lactose free, but if you know where i can find one in Australia, please do let me know. I'm done with all things assessments for this week; got an awesome grade in my tests and still waiting for the feedback from my presentation on General Electric.

Next week i've got 4 tests and a presentation all from Monday - Thursday, that should be a lot of fun. My glasses will certainly be happy cause i've been using it to study for the most part of this semester. But this evening, it's all about sitting down and relaxing; enjoying some down time without having to calculate any financial ratios or determine strategies for firms that have no idea i exist. I'm definitely going to be watching a few episodes of Grand Designs Australia tonight, i must say i'm proud of some of the houses i've seen on the show and for its first season, it's pretty solid.

Tomorrow i'll be back to being a student and searching for grad jobs online. It just feels like my week so far has been defined by journals, case studies and textbooks! I can't say i'm looking forward to the weekend, but i'm definitely looking forward to Friday next week :) Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday

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