Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Break?

Or so i thought! I was really hoping that the weekend would give me a chance to slow down and rest my eyes a bit. But it hasn't been as stress free as i'd hoped, but i'm not complaining either. I've spent pretty much the whole weekend studying for tests i have on Monday & Tuesday, a presentation i have on Monday (which i've gladly finished writing up) and another presentation i have in the upper week. So it's been all textbooks and highlighters for me. The only good thing about having such a stressful time now is that later on in the semester, i'll have less assessments due and more time to study for my finals because i chose to do my presentations earlier.

I guess the other thing that motivates me is the fact that i like reading. Luckily for me, i don't really have any boring textbooks this semester and that's really a good thing. It's so easy to get put off from studying anything just because the textbook not only looks de-motivating but is lacking in colour! That's usually where my highlighter comes in. Ok, so the main purpose of me highlighting is generally so that i can easily browse through the key things in each chapter; but using a fun colour (orange for today) makes it even more appealing.

So, enough blabbering from me. How has your weekend gone so far? I hope you've had more time to relax than i have. I'm truly looking forward to the 7th of April when i finish my 2nd presentation and finally have a proper break, sleep in all day on the Saturday and watch as many movies as i choose to (i also happen to have four tests in that week so a break is well and truly deserved)

Until next time, stay blessed :)


  1. My weekend is consisting of the exact same... tutorials all week next week, and a presentation on the 'effectiveness and benefits of consist corporate brand and identity' the only thing keeping me going is the fact my case study is Christian Dior! Good luck with your tests! xoxoAVS

  2. Hey Avs, it's been a while ey? Being a student can be quite annoying but rarely do you get the chance to boast of doing a presentation on Christian Dior :) Good luck with it :)

    xoxo Hermine


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