Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 1

The first week on uni is always an interesting one because it sets the mood for the entire semester. Getting all those course outlines in your first lecture just determines how much sweat you have to put into your assessments, especially when it's one that involves a lot of group work.

I have to say that in the past, i rarely showed up for my 1st lectures because i can download the course outlines for each subject i'm enrolled in off the uni site; infact, i rarely attend lectures during the semester. I have a very short attention span so i usually can't stand being in a lecture theatre for 2 hours because my mind completely drifts to everything else other than what the lecturer is saying. I usually prefer to spend this time in the library reading the textbook and doing the necessary prep work for my assessments. I guess because i'm not an auditory learner, it doesn't affect how i learn. If i can't see and read what i need to learn, it never sticks in my brain.

But before this semester began, i made the decision that i'd make the effort to attend at least 80% of all my lectures. And in this first week, i can proudly say that i went to all of my lectures. Ok, for one of them, i only stayed for about 50 minutes because it was an introductory lecture. For the other 3, i stayed right till the end of class, without the help of coffee! And i didn't doodle on any of my sheets at all which is a huge surprise because i tend to doodle in lectures.

For the remaining weeks this semester, i'll be having 2 tests weekly (Monday & Tuesday) along with the usual individual and group work; mid term assessments and all. This is my final semester for my undergrad and probably my last semester as a commerce student as i'm applying to study for a Masters in Information Technology. I still haven't chosen a back up subject yet and i'm not actually sure if i will. 

I found out on Thursday that i have more credits than i actually need to graduate; so i have a choice of dropping one of my subjects as i don't need to do it. The only downside is that it happens to be the most interesting subject i'm studying this semester because it's from an entirely different faculty. I'm studying the history of France and i absolutely loved the first lecture. But this has no relation whatsoever to my degree, it's just going to be an extra subject and i feel like i'm wasting my money doing it because i already have more credit points than i need to graduate; so doing this subject would just be more unnecessary credit points. 

Oh well, i have till the end of March to decide if i want to continue with French history or not


  1. I'm not in college right now, but I wish I were. I think you should stick with the history of France. I think you will be happy to have such information under your belt, and it's okay to make your degree mean more than just a diploma. I know I would want to take as many interesting classes as possible. Good luck and enjoy your time in school!

  2. Sorry for the very late response N. You'll be happy to know that i'm still attending my French history class :)


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