Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Perfect

Ladies and gentlemen, i've had a very long day. I just did 50% of my assessment for one subject in the space of 5 hours and now i have to wait patiently for the next few weeks before i find out my scores. At the moment, i feel refreshed, relieved and extremely tired. I know, all those words don't seem together, but for some reason i feel all those things at the same time. My eyes are heavy because i'm tired and in need of a long sleep in. I don't want to go to bed too early so i don't wake up in the middle of the night with nothing to do. I was too tired to make anything to eat tonight so i had a bowl of custard and two handfuls of red grapes; washed the entire thing down with a large cup of water and i already know that it was too much to drink all at once.

How's everyone's day going? Just to express my relief on the fact that my academic week is over, do enjoy the pictures below and have a lovely time :)

 Katie Holmes
 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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  1. jealousy of rosie huntington-whiteley has overtaken me.... stunning, amazing clothes, AND JASON STATHAM- yes please!

    hope you're well girly and did well in your assessment! xo


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