Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Sort Of Update

I've been on uni break since last week and that has definitely put me in the slow groove of things. Nothing much has happened lately, i've just been relaxing and enjoying the fact that i don't have any tests to study for neither is there a need to go to lectures. But all that is slowly starting to change as i do have classes from next week accompanied with my regular weekly tests and an essay due. Without further ado, i'll let you in on what's been happening with me over here

* I joined thy gym AGAIN! On Wednesday last week while at the mall with my flatmate, we came across the Fitness First stand where they offered a month free as part of the 12 month gym membership. So i went to have a good look around the gym again to see if i was interested. Although the month free promotion was good, i needed more to tempt me to sign a contract. After a lot of teasing and haggling with their general manager, i got offered a Results First program for free. Basically, it's meant to cost $70 and comes with 3 sessions going for 45 minutes at a time with a personal trainer. You also get a customized workout and a few other bits thrown in; but because i wasn't sure if their joining fee was worth my money, the manager offered to pay for the Results First program only if i signed up on that day. Of course, i jumped on it!

* On Thursday of the same week, a sales party was organised in the mall where all the stores had some sort of offer going on. Funny enough, i was very tame and didn't spend much. I got workout clothes and saved $70 in the process; and a pair of military boots. I had my eye on 2 actually but i had to pick only 1 (similar to the picture above). The only problem is i keep dreaming of the 2nd one. It's not your regular biker boots you find here in the mall (or so i think); and because of this i want it soooo much! It has buckles in the exact manner i've always pictured my perfect biker boots. The only problem is it's in black and i already have a black pair. So it's a bit difficult for me to justify buying another. Now i'm considering putting it on lay by

* I watched Paul on Thursday night and i absolutely loved it! Ok, maybe i'm a bit biased because i have a thing for movies written by Brits and also movies with Aliens in it, but it absolutely rocked. We were actually meant to go watch Fast 5 cause the lady here told us it was already out in ShellB. But when we got there, we realized it not out anywhere until this Wednesday. It does have quite a few profane words in it so if you can't stand that, i suggest you don't go watch it or just have your mind prepared :)

* At the moment, there are lots of items saved on my ASOS basket. Thank God for the 'save for later' button they added to their page. I can't seem to get this dress off my mind and it currently retails for A$63.09. Maybe i should give it to myself as a graduation's hoping that ASOS still has it in stock come July

Happy Monday everyone


  1. oo well done on joining the gym, good luck to staying motivated! love those boots, it's coming into your winter now is it not? they'll go with so many things! i practically lived in mine through winter here! that dress is gorgeous, the colour is divine, definitely think you should treat yourself! xoxo

  2. Oh Avs, how you tempt me! I really should stay away from the ASOS site, not helping with me trying to save up for a MAC laptop. Yup, winter's coming our way and i'm excited because its my fave season of all :) I really hope i stay motivated and consistent with the gym :)

    xoxo Hermine


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