Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There's No Title...

Hi everyone. How did you spend your Easter break? To those that celebrated Easter, a happy belated Easter from me. Hope you all indulged in some form of chocolate consumption. I didn't; not because i didn't want to but because i'm lactose intolerant and couldn't be bothered looking for brands that sell diary/lactose free chocolate.

Well, here in Australia we had a 5 day long weekend due to Easter and ANZAC day coinciding in the same period. Hence, today is the last day of my 5 day weekend.

I have to say i spent most of the weekend thinking and evaluating myself at the current state and just....well....thinking.....like i tend to do most of the time. I was actually planning to go to church on Sunday, but  something occurred that morning that got me a bit upset; and i have no intentions of talking about it anymore because Sunday is already over and as at Monday morning, i promised myself i'll try my best to let go when people piss me off instead of going to bed with my frustrations. I usually try not to be vocal when i'm upset with someone because i'm blunt on a daily basis and extremely blunt when i'm upset. So it's always better for me to bite my tongue and shut up until i've calmed down a little bit. The funny thing is i don't even show my anger; but thanks to my inabilities of being a good liar, my irritation is generally written all over my face!

Anywhoo, this weekend, i was just thinking what an amazing world it would be if all religions just accepted each other and didn't feel the need to point out that their own way is better than the other. I'm a Christian (or as my Mum likes to call me, a partial Christian because there are certain things i don't accept); i was born into a strictly religious family so i know all i'm meant to know and abide by as a Christian. On Sunday, i chose to listen to/ and read some of the Easter sermons that were preached here in Australia and in England. I have to say i was quite offended by some of them and it almost led to my Mum and I having an argument (she's a Pastor). Luckily for me, i like to be a good child so we agreed to disagree and all is well in our modern-daughter relationship :). Even though we have our disagreements once in a while, i'm so lucky to have a mother who listens to what i have to say even though she doesn't accept and isn't common in the small town i come from.  

The Sunday conversation got me thinking about how my cultural upbringing keeps fighting with me on what i believe in and what i choose to accept. I guess it's one of the downfalls of being an only child; there's so much pressure on you to be everything they would dream of in all their kids. My mum never ceases to complain about how western my thoughts are and how i need to become more Nigerian. Us Nigerians are too judgemental for our own good and we always want to assume that our way is the only right way

Well, i beg to differ. If our way was so perfect, our nation wouldn't be the way it is. The advantage of being educated in different countries is the ability to observe and absorb other cultures. No one is perfect as a human being and there's no one right way is which to find the path to a happy life. I truly hope that when my mum comes over to visit for my graduation, she'll understand why i'm the way i am and also open up her mind to other notions other than what she assumes to be the 'only correct way'.

On Monday morning, i decided to take Catherine R. Staat's advice from this post and slowly incorporate it into my life. The universe was obviously listening to my thoughts because i got this lovely post in my inbox and Shannon posted this on her blog; these made my Monday quite a good beginning to this lovely week. I'm still a bit stressed as per my last post, but things are moving along slowly and i very much appreciate it.

Happy Tuesday everyone

PS: Upon reading this post, i've just realised how much of a boring ramble it has been. Sorry if i've bored your eyes but i just had to :)

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