Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Customised Perfume...

...or kind of. Allow me to introduce to you 'Le Labo', a perfume brand created by two guys living in New York in a slightly different manner from what you'd usually expect from perfumes. As we all know, the majority of perfumes are mass produced mainly using machines. There are a rare handful of perfume makers that actually custom make perfumes specially to suit your needs and personality. I remember hearing about one situated in London where the elites go to have perfumes made for them. It's kind of like going to Marc Jacobs show room and having him sketch and make a dress exclusively for you. But as we all know, the majority of us can't afford this kind of luxury...well, not at the moment anyway.
This is where the 'Le Labo' perfumes come in. They are all blended by hand when ordered as opposed to pre-blended. The bottle labels can be customised when ordering as you get to have your name printed on it and also a short note of 24-characters included in the label as seen above. This kind of reminds me of Apple iPods and iTouch where you get to write notes. These perfumes can only be ordered from Mecca Cosmetica. But don't you think the bottles kind of look ugly and medicinal?
Images from Dsnoturabo.blogspot.com and Gdr.typepad.com

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