Friday, November 13, 2009

Studded Leggings Anyone?

Believe it or not, it's not officially summer in Australia because if you're going by the books, summer starts on the 1st of December. But that doesn't stop it feeling as if i'm in a giant sauna that happens to be free and has flies roaming around you the minute they sniff your perfume. Irrespective of how many times i'm told that i've got really nice legs - thanks y'all - i'm still uncomfortable at showing my legs and the thought of having to shave up to my thighs just annoys me the more. So last year summer, i actually wore jeans and leggings all through eventhough it was 40 degrees and very humid in Queensland. This year, i planned on adopting a more sensible approach to my summer gear until i stumbled upon these Warehouse studded leggings. How cool are they? On closer inspection, i noticed that they look pretty thick so i'm thinking it might be a good investment for Autumn/Winter next year as the winter isn't as cold as the typical British Autumn. If you're interested, these would set you back £55.
Moving on to more summer-friendly bottoms, i'm thinking boyfriend jeans!!! Versatile and loose to enable easy circulation of air around the legs especially since it's going to be very hot here. But i definitely wouldn't be wearing them in the same manner as the boys.....oh no, that is a huge no no for me this year. I'm more interested in rocking them a la Katie Holmes last year. But it is very easy to go oh-so wrong with this, so to stop you looking like you're suffering from identity issues or you're a tomboy you'll need to balance your proportions pretty well. You could choose to go for the really baggy boyfriend jeans and roll them up at the ankle but i would suggest that you always team it with something fitting on top and some heels so that way you look relaxed-chic. But if you're anything like me then you probably have no interest wearing heels during the day nor are you keen on wearing something fitted all the time - actually i rarely do. So in this case, it's always better to opt for a slimmer fitted boyfriend jeans especially ones that are slightly tapered at the ankles. This is where Levi's Ripped 501 True Boyfriend Jeans come in play; they've got just the right amount of bagginess in them but they're still slim enough to wear with a loose t-shirt and flip flops with perfectly manicured toes. These cost £95 but if you're in Australia i believe you can get them from General Pants Co. as well. It comes in a darker rinse for £75. The best part of this is that i can easily dress them up at night with heels and a slinkier top without feeling any bit inappropriate. For those who might be interested, Warehouse has a slouchy boyfriend jeans on sale for £23 here.
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