Monday, November 30, 2009

Everyone's In Morocco

You'd have thought that the invite to this Moroccan gig said everyone had to wear black because it was like 'boredom parade'. These lot should have just stayed home instead of strictly wearing black. Especially Salma Hayek, she just broke my heart. Exactly what is she wearing? She seems to be morphing into Angelina Jolie as her style seems to get more boring since she got married.
Well well well, it's my lover Adrien Brody. He cut his hair and looks pretty darn good as well... as expected from 'Ms Boring' Jennifer Aniston
I still can't believe that Miranda Kerr's dress is actually by Burberry. Seriously; it looks very uninspiring. Orlando Bloom looks yummy as per usual ^_'
It was up to Gwyneth Paltrow to bring some life and lusciousness to the red carpet from her dress to her beautiful pink lipstick. I sooo wish i could actually pull off that lip colour.
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