Friday, November 27, 2009

Taking The Plunge...

So, i finally took the plunge and registered to become a Mary Kay consultant and on Wednesday, i got a big parcel of evertyhing that i would need to begin my journey as a Mary Kay independent consultant. There are sample makeup swatches and also skincare to try on; included are several handbooks detailing all the information i would need to make a smooth transition into the world of a skincare, bodycare and makeup guru. Today i completed the 'Module 1' of the essential steps to real success [ESRS] program and i've got 5 more modules to do over the summer.

What it all means is that i can sell products to customers on an individual basis and i also control the amount of time that i want to spend working. But to be able to work, i would need to have a customer base so i spent the better part of today walking around the mall like a lost geese looking for people that might be interested in Mary Kay products. The best way to try out the products is to host a skincare/ colour/ christmas party where i can meet a couple of girls and give them a pampering session. This allows them to try the products and also choose whatever colours and products that they feel most comfortable with before purchasing it. Of course, there is no obligation for you to actually purchase it if you're not interested but this is usually the first stage in the process especially for those that are new to the Mary Kay products. The pampering sessions can also be done on a one-to-one basis for people who aren't really keen on crowds or just want a personal experience.

The great thing about this method of selling is that you don't need to worry about the shops being closed at a particular time as everything is usually arranged to suit your time schedule. So, if you feel like you might be interested in organising a pampering party for you and your friends or family members, or just want a one-on-one experience please feel free to check out the Mary Kay products here and contact me to arrange a session if you live in the Wollongong area. Please be aware that i do not have samples of ALL the Mary Kay products as i only just started this week but i do have the Timewise for the face and sample colours of all the makeup for you to try.
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