Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Budget Planner

Hi Guys and Gals! I figured since i blogged about money yesterday that it'd be a good idea to talk about budgeting today. Most people especially students tend to ignore this important aspect of saving money because its boring or because they have no idea on how to do it. I must admit that when i first gave it a try, i had no idea how to go about it. But what i did to help me was to make a note of all the things i did in a month. I then went through it and budgeted to suit most of the things i did and in places where i had no idea what to name the expenditure, i just put it under miscellaneous. Now you have an even better start as i've scanned a page from last year's UOW 2009 diary that details how to make a budget. Now you have no excuse as to why you aren't doing one. If you want more in-depth information then please read: The Balanced Money Formula.
Scanned by me

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