Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Need of Inspiration...

Ashley Greene has said in the past that she does pilates 6 times weekly and Dita Von Teese has said she does pilates with Mari Winsor and on her own 4-5 times weekly; she said she loves Winsor Pilates' bun and thigh sculpting workout and she thinks every woman should own the dvd because it is fantastic. I'm hoping that there are some fit and healthy people out there who would be willing to share their regimen in the comments section. Maybe what you eat, or what you do to stay fit and healthy. All ideas are more than welcome and very much appreciated...
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  1. I don't really watch what I eat although I'm not really a bit lolly/junk food fan as a virtue of my parents (thanks mum & dad!). Lots of water and then to stay fit I love yoga and rock climbing! I used to do more cardio and sports but I find I don't have as much time at the moment...

  2. A program on SBS 1 on Tuesday actually attributed eating patterns to our childhood so you're right on track. Thanks for the tips :)


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