Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting Read

So....yesterday i was doing some random browsing on the internet as i've been quite bored and being on a shopping ban means that it's a very bad idea for me to be hanging around places like Sportsgirl, Cotton On and Supre for some bargains to keep me entertained. And i must say that it is pretty good as it has made me reconsider all the amount of emotional shopping i've done in the past and how i could have saved the money. Plus, the recession that has swept across the world has increased my belief in sticking to my simple style as opposed to passing trends and fads that tend to hurt the wallet every season. By not shopping like a candy-happy child, i've managed to save myself some money that could come in handy in the future...

Anyways, back to my online browsing i was talking about. I came across an interesting article about how to conquer your cravings and i think it might be helpful for me and others out there that tend to have a lot of sugar craving. You can read the article here.

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