Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dye Job

By now you all know that the world has been plagued by the Balmania disease of 'shoulders'! I for one hate buying into trends because i never dress trendy and for me it's not really a good investment because they always go out of trend for a while. But the shoulder trend seems to be lasting longer than expected and a part of me is annoyed about it because i don't want to buy a jacket with shoulders but there always seems to be some sort of annoying temptation lurking in the corners awaiting me. It started with the military jacket at Dotti that has some gold beads and pipping on the shoulder and now River Island also has something to tempt me. Unfortunately i can't attach an image of the jacket but for those who are interested, type this in the search box and you should find it: 584774. I like to think that the shoulders aren't as obvious as other Balmania inspired jackets but everytime i think of this particular one from River Island, all i can think of is dyeing it another colour before wearing it. Definitely not black though, because i have a black blazer already. I'm not really a fan of white or cream items because i'm very clumsy and paranoid and i have no interest in shelling big bucks for a professional clean. All the 'dry clean' i owned in the past, i either hand washed them or used the gentle cycle in the wash and they always came out fine.
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