Thursday, February 4, 2010

Essential Layering

I'm a real sucker for comfortable clothing and anything else that makes me feel in my element; i hate feeling constrained by my clothes or having to fake a smile because what i'm wearing is killing me. Although i've been in Australia for almost 2 years, i still haven't learnt to dress for each season nor has my love and interest in fashion translated to my wardrobe. My wardrobe is very bare; it looks like what a nomad might have, or maybe someone having a spring clean and getting rid of everything for a new start. My wardrobe has been like that for the length of time i've been in Australia and going on shopping bans hasn't really helped either. You'd think that all that money i saved would be put into boosting my wardrobe but i'm beginning to get worried that my saving bouts might be turning me into a stingy person. You see, my bank balance looks way too good right now that i feel a slight ache in my heart to alter it, but i also know that if my parents saw my closet they'd either never give me money or make me buy lots of clothes to fill it up. Just to let you in on how empty it is, i've only got 2 pairs of jeans [black skinny and blue relaxed flare], i've also got about 6 tops, 4 dresses and my lounge wear which sometimes doubles as a workout gear; i've owned these for over a year now.

With all this in mind, i'm making a huge effort to change and to stop disgracing my parents by boosting up my wardrobe slowly. If you've read magazines that had issues on makeovers, most fashion editors would always say start with the basics!!! And that's exactly what i plan on doing; the picture of Hilary Duff is very inspiring to me because it looks very relaxed and comfortable. But most importantly, it is trans-seasonal because as you're all aware fake Autumn starts in March. So as it gets cooler, it becomes more sensible for me to introduce leggings back into my look [not that summer stopped me attempting to wear them] and when it gets even cooler i could easily throw on a boyfriend cardigan or a blazer to keep warm! With these in mind, i plan on investing on a few longline tank tops that i can layer with and where better to find them than at Bassike? I absolutely love their essentials range that has layering singlets in white, grey marl and black retailing at $60 each
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