Friday, February 5, 2010


For me, the best part about having a few close friends is that it gives me the chance to know them much better than i would if i had a huge amount of friends and little knowledge or understanding of them. My best friends are actually spread across the globe at the moment - UK, Canada, Nigeria - but we always try to keep in touch via e-mails, text messages and the occasional phone call. I've done some things for them that i usually wouldn't do on a normal day or for someone and they've done the same for me as well. I remember one of my friends was having a birthday party in an expensive club in Scotland and invited me. On a normal day i would have easily said no because i hate clubs. I hate how it smells, i hate the feeling of being stuffed up like sardines in a can (although i do love dancing, especially to latin tunes) and i hate having to yell to have a conversation. But i got on a 7-hour train from where i lived and sucked it up at the club for the night because of her. I'm not even going to lie; i absolutely hated being inside the club. The only VIP thing about it was that it was an exclusive club inside a club so it was pretty tough for random people to just walk in. But i enjoyed being with my friends that night and i enjoyed seeing her happy at the notion that we were all there to celebrate with her; eventhough she knew that myself and one of our other friend would have been much happier in a cinema or dolled up in a nice restaurant.

I was having a bit of a 'fat me' day yesterday. I was very upset because all my labours of working out 5-6 times a week and even finally going on my PCOS medication wasn't making any difference. Plus i had really sore muscles from doing one of Tony Horton's workouts, that guy is genius and evil at the same time but that's a conversation for another post. My friend from UK was texting me yesterday and i was sheepishly replying all his messages and he sent me one asking 'So, what IS wrong with you? Because from your replies i can tell you're in an interesting mood' and to which i replied that i was having a fat day. He is one of those friends you don't want to ask a question that you're scared of the answer; plus he is an expert at laughing at people which can be quite annoying especially if he's laughing at you. He replied me saying 'You're ok dear, don't worry about it cause it's the small stuff and i think it works with you perfectly. Just appreciate yourself. You're not as big as Queen Latifah and she's gorgeous!' You can bet i had a very good night's sleep yesterday after a good mood boost; although i always used to think i was about the same size as Queen Latifah!
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